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Hey WF,

I don't know if this question has been asked before but seeing all of you pro WF users in IM I wanted to see what you guys knew about this.

So you've probably seen sites such as Penny Stock Egghead, Penny Stock Alerts, and etc where people send newsletters promoting small-cap (penny) stocks

I don't know if many of you realized but many of these guys get paid big bucks to promote these products (anywhere from $5k-$1MM)

Does anyone have any experience with this and who pays these promoters to do such?

It would be great if we could do something like this with all of our IM prowess to make serious bucks while suggesting stocks for overall wealth of individuals
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    You need to be a licensed and registered Rep to promote the sale of a financial instrument or give investment advice in the States here.

    I'm pretty sure its the same in most developed country too.

    Be careful with what you say in any of these promotions.

    Also they are usually paid by a broker dealer if they are a registered rep
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    Are you sure that guys like John Lebed are really series 7 licensed guys?

    I mean they have disclaimers and etc although it is true that in the event of legal issues it probably isn't enough...
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    You mean the 27 year old that was prosecuted in 2001 for artificial stock manipulation?

    Yeah I would not take his advice.
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    OK I just checkout his site and he is not selling or really promoting stocks. He puts out an analysis which anyone can pretty much do based on the freedom of speech but I'd have to imagine there is a fine line you walk so you should probably know what you're doing.

    He is an active trader and has had success so people trust his "analysis" that companies pay him to do and email to his list.
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    I used to run a penny stock promotion company. You have to build a strong email list like these guys Penny Dreamers - The Best Penny Stock Picks
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    Here is another great promoter company.
    The thing is if you buy at the bell at the announcement and know when to get out, you can make some serious money.
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    Here are a few more you guys may be interested in. Just be careful they move down just as fast as the move up. If you want to start your own just add a good disclaimer and built a website and start building a email list to bring in volume.

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    What's sad is those "licensed" guys nation wide didn't do well as a group to get their people out of the market before the collapse... meanwhile, plenty of "alternative" investment type people who aren't licensed saw the writing on the wall and advised well.

    Kind of like how having a teaching a certificate doesn't guarantee you are good at what you do, only that you've been indoctrinated just a bit more than others. The greatest teachers of any subject might not have any license more than a driving license.

    But hey, we are just the lowly sheep. "They" know better what's good for us.

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