Iphone users-How do you deal with website passwords?

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I use long high security passwords on my accounts. On my pc I use Roboform that remembers the passwords and logs me into my accounts. However it doesn't work with Safari broswer so I can't use it on Iphones. I found another program that does but it doesn't work with windows so I can't use it to synch my passwords on my pc to my iphone.

Since you can't copy and paste with an iphone how do you use long passwords with your Iphone?


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    Check these guys out:

    Welcome to Agile Web Solutions

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      Thanks that looks like a possibility but has problems.

      For example posts complaining that when an update was downloaded all their passwords
      were deleted and no way to back it up before hand.

      The joys of owning an iphone :-(

      I still have a week left before my 30 days are up but seriously wondering
      if I should keep the phone.


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