Clickbank Gravity = PHP Rotator?

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Hey Warriors,

I heard somewhere that a lot of people use PHP rotors (to automatically rotate "multiple" affiliate links) so every time a sale is made, it's under a different affiliate ID, which therefore increases the gravity, thus drastically boosting rankings in the clickbank marketplace.

My question is... does anybody have experience with this tactic and is it something clickbank could ban you for doing?

Also, does anyone have any other tips/tactics for boosting gravity (if you don't have a list of JV buddies)?

Thanks in advance,
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    ...when you do a WSO here for your 'about to be released' new CB product, take payments through your own affiliate link for your product (that you're selling as a WSO).

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    Never heard of that tactic...
    Pretty cool though
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      There's a product that included script that does this. I forget the name of it. Clickbank Explosion, maybe?

      Anyway, it checks for cookies (so you're not screwing the other affiliates) and if there are none, it rotates as many ids as you put it.

      Definitely a good strategy for getting that initial gravity boost so that other affiliates will actually see your listing and promote your product.


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