"Affiliate store" and outbound links

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I'm looking to start an Affiliate store, which is basically a store that lists
different items on a certain category and at the end of things links the costumer
to the affiliate site with my affiliate link.

My main concern about doing this is the MAJOR impact that it might have
on my SEO.

From what I know, with each outbound link from my site I "share" my PR with
the linked site.
Now.. with a store I can expect to have dozens, maybe hundreds of those
one-way links at one time. Ain't this kind of thing hurt my SEO badly?
Is there any way to counter that?

btw, the shared PR is taken from the page that's linking or from my site
as whole?(I know, stupid question, but I want to be sure)

plz answarrrr xD
#internet marketing #affiliate store #links #outbound

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