Clickbank or Clickbooth?

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I run and am looking at the various affiliate programs. The site is a $97 turnkey credit card marketing program where we set up customers with hosting, domain, website and get them approved as affiliates for credit card offers.

Its done pretty well on its own, but now we are looking to take it to the next level and join an affiliate referral network.

My first inclination is to go with Clickbank, but I've spoken with Clickbooth and they have agreed to accept my program as a CPA offer. I'm interested to hear people's opinion on whether a product like mine can work in Clickbooth.

Everyone always says, Clickbank is the best affiliate site for digital turnkey make money products, but I'm a little confused as Clickbooth has promised to show me great results if I join their network.
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    Why not go with both? Does Clickbooth want you to sign up exclusively with them?

    That url doesn't work btw...

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      I'll have to ask Clickbooth about exclusivity.

      If I sign up with Clickbooth and apply to Clickbank, it seems they wouldn't be approved. If anyone has Clickbank's number can you please PM it to me?

      Obviously I will have to read both sites' terms and conditions but I'd like to get people's experience and opinion as well.

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