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Alright alright this isn't for admins only, but I knew it would get you to click here, catchy right?

Anyways i wanted to start a thread that would open up some dialogue and get people thinking. Contribute just one money making tactic that works for you, details and how you do it, Or even a little tip that anyone could find useful...

Hope some or all of you will take me up on this challenge, and you will all learn from it.
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    Alright I will kick it off with one of my own, this is fairly common knowledge but makes me some decent money all the same and a great way to start out without a list of your own.

    You've probably seen those 'leads' websites where you can get 2,000 or so leads everyday for a monthly fee. They are real leads and include full information such as IP addresses, names, email addresses, mailing addresses, telephone numbers, etc. These are people that have signed up because they're interested in making money online.

    Pre-sell them by sending a few warm-up messages in order to build a good repoire, then try to sell to them later on.
    Anyway, here's my step-by-step method

    1) Find a good deal for lots of internet marketing related products that come with resale rights. I'm sure you've seen the offers where you can get 150 or 200 resale rights products for $50 or so, pick one of these up.

    2) Go ahead and sign up for one of those lead offers, where you can get 60,000 leads per month for a few dollars.

    3) Create an autoresponder sequence and start out only with the purpose of building a relationship.

    4) In every message you send, be sure to include a free download link to one of the resale products you have.

    5) After the first few messages, you can also start including sales copy, either for an affiliate product, a CPA offer, or anything else that you want to sell.

    Let's face it, everybody likes to get something of value for free. If you spent $50 for the 200 or so resale products, that means that you can send 200 messages, each with a free valuable gift.
    I'd suspect that most people would stay subscribed and not want to miss any of your messages because of the free gift, so that means that you'll have about 200 chances to sell them something.
    If you import 60,000 leads per month and even 75% of them drop out right away, that still leaves you with 15,000 new and active subscribers every month.
    Now, let's do some math. Let's say that just starting out, you have 15,000 subscribers out of the 60,000 you started with. You send them 2 or 3 messages a week thru your autoresponder, so it's almost effortless for you once you have things set up.
    Let's assume that you're pitching affiliate products, CPA offers, etc. and your average profit per sale is $10. Of course with most affiliate products, you stand to make more than $10, but we'll use the $10 amount just to be conservative.
    OK, you have 15,000 people and we'll assume that your conversion rate is only 1% on each offer. Since you are sending out about ten offers per month, times 15,000 people, you're looking at 150,000 offers. And at a conversion rate of 1%, that means about 1500 sales for the month.
    Considering an average profit of $10 per sale, that means that you would make $15,000 at the end of the first month. Of course, if things remained like this, at the end of the second month, you'd have twice as many subscribers, so your income could potentially be $30,000.
    Of course, the success of this project would be dependent upon how skillfully you craft your email messages, the level of repoire you build, the products for sale you promote and the desirability of the gifts you offer.
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      If it's somebody just starting out, I'd suggest something very simple.

      1. Find a niche that has a rabid demand. It doesn't matter how much
      competition there is. We're going to attack this simply and quickly.

      2. Write just one article a day (takes 15 minutes) related to the niche. In the
      resource box, have a strong call to action sending people to a blog that you're
      going to set up containing a review of the product.

      3. Set up your blog. At the end of the review, include your cloaked affiliate
      link to the sales page.

      4. Submit the article to Ezine Articles. You want to mass submit, go ahead.
      We're not looking to get SE rankings. We're looking to hit people who are
      going to these directories looking for info on this niche, problem, whatever.

      If this sounds way too simple, it's not. I do this with a number of products
      and I am now starting to make a killing. It does take time to build
      momentum but once you do, the sales will start pouring in.

      The keys?

      1. Good articles.
      2. Good resource boxes.
      3. Good reviews.
      4. Good product sales page.
      5. Good product.

      As you can see, the first 3 of these are in your hands. So yes, you need to
      have some skills to do this. It isn't a push button method and it's not for
      everybody. But it's dirt cheap (actually it's free) and it's effective.

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