Back in the land of the living

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I have been online all the time, but absent from the forum here.

I have no idea what caused the problems, but I first got a message that my IP was banned. Thanks Allen and Thomas for sorting that out.

Then whenever I tried to read a post, I got a 404 error, sometimes it was a 500 error and other times it was a cgi message.

I did get in when someone sent me a link but couldn't normally posts which I know some of you would think was a good thing.

For the past week, I quit because 90% of the time when I tried to get into the forum it would crash my browser.

Today I have come in and posted without any errors.

In the last 12 hours we got all the messages sent to us via skype which were sent on 22, 24 and 25th. And I've been on skype the whole time.

So something has been going on which we have no idea or control on, so I am working through the skype messages and hopefully the problems will have been sorted out now.
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  • Profile picture of the author valerieSONORA
    You got banned

    I knew that tropical storm wouldn't be able to do anything to you :p
  • Profile picture of the author thatgirlJ
    Aww Bev! That's a shame Hope everything gets sorted out, and glad you were "allowed" by the computer poltergeists to come back today
    • Profile picture of the author jhongren
      Hi Bev, It has been quite some time I saw on on forum. Welcome back! =)

  • Profile picture of the author Rod Cortez
    Hey Bev, welcome back.

    I was thinking....maybe you had / have a Ghost In Your Machine?

    Rod "My-Laptop-Only-Runs-On-Coffee" Cortez
    • Profile picture of the author Martin Luxton
      Welcome back Bev and Rob.

      Was a bit worried. Glad you are back online.

      You didn't upgrade to Firefox 3 did you, because Skype doesn't work with that plus even though I am on a broadband connection pages load like I'm on dialup.


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