How many views do I need to make decent money

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Hey there. Im in the process of making a blog site designed with linking back to my main site in mind. I am gonna make a real effort to make it highly interesting and only bring interested parties to my site. No backlinks at all.

Firstly, what is a good platform to use to give me the dofollow backlinks towards my main site?? wordpress, blogger etc.

And also because I am looking at making this a high traffic site I will probably end up trying to monetise it also. What is the best solution for monetizing a site, adsense etc.

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    It depends on your niche and your landing page. There are so many variables. You have to really spell out the following:

    url of your landing page
    traffic sources
    product/service you're trying to sell
    your ideal target audience

    There are so many variables that a generic "how many views do I need to make decent money" question doesn't really have enough facts for the community to supply an answer.
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    ? Why not post that content on your money site.. If your reffering to a blog site as a Web 2.0, you should be linking that to your money site, plus backlinking that Web 2.0 with Teir 2 links.. You should be posting your content of lesser value on the Web 2.0 sites.. Also don't focus on the Web 2.0 making money, focus on your main site making money, use Adsense or Amazon.. Also I don't see the point in driving traffic to the Web 2.0 sites, bring the traffic to your money site instead, why lose a % of that traffic in the transition, it's not worth it.

    Here's what you should be doing:

    Money site with Blog section > Best content > Best Backlinks Teir 1 > Adsense + Amazon
    Web 2.0 sites > Lesser value content > Average Backlinks Teir 2+
    All Web 2.0 sites link to your money site.

    I mean do you really want people to read your best content on a seperate blog site and link to that instead of your money site? Do you really want people to reffer others to that blog instead of a blog directly on your money site... Think about it.
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      Thanks alot weedy, thats a great answer. Of course thats what I should be doing. Im not actually gonna monetize my main site mind you, its actually my business so the money comes in the form of customers so I dont want ads all over it (i dont think anyway?)

      How best would you put all the info??? Would you just add a blog page then? I cant really add nits and bobs all over my main page as it is a working business website.

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