Increasing affiliates, how?

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Newbie question:

Hi, I just got started with Clickbank, I'm selling an ebook through CB and I want to increase the amount of affiliates promoting my product.

How would I go about doing this and is there a website or info product that provides this specifically?
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    If you want a fast method, use It's quite pricey though.

    The normal would be networking with other marketers in the same niche and promoting each others' products.

    Also, make sure you provide plenty of affiliate tools to choose from and a worthwhile incentive for them to promote.

    Check out first link in my sig. Might help.

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      Thanks for the quick reply, Michael.

      At, they mention:

      Submission to the most updated and inclusive list of leading free directories.

      Only $ 295.00
      For 12 Months
      Do you know where would these free directories be? Assuming that I could just do the posting myself and save $300.

      And I checked out your link: "The MOST GENEROUS Clickbank Affiliate Program."

      It's a very well put together and comprehensive affiliate offer page, what ebook or where did you learn this from? I'd like to read more about it.

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