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Is there any software you guys know of that can grab a buyer's name and email address from the purchase page and insert it into an info product as a very light watermark just before it gets downloaded ?

Could the ebook contents also be encrypted so the text cannot just be stripped out ?

I think password protecting the file is not popular with customers but the lightest of watermarks may be acceptable.
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    I'm not aware of any web application that does that and that is available on the market, but Bryan & Jeffrey Eisenberg (Future Now) have implemented the watermark feature on their ebook online store.

    I guess they had someone develop this application for them.

    (the watermark is on all pages)

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    You CAN use one of the pdf conversion programs to do that. As for the password encryption, that is harder. Someone figured out, and publicized how, but adobe threatened to sue anyone releasing the info. In any event, they ALSO found out how to disable it, and a company actually released a program to defeat that. You CAN'T create a better scheme, because then the readers won't work.

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      You can use some custom programming (buyer enter his name and url in a form > that details goes in to a document on your server like a html file > saved)


      an online pdf creator creates that saved document to pdf for that client.


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