Leave it on the table. No seriously you will.

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That's what most people love leaving on the table! Or at least they do. Now this post is highly relevant for IM niche, but is true for other niches as well.

We all want armies of affiliates, right?

Sure we do. And then we go over to CB or CJ or PDC or where ever looking for affiliates. And miss one of the most important set of affiliates that could bring in an exponential income, a steady income and a launch with legs.

You create a wonderful product. And you manage to get all these big IM'ers to help you promote the product. then there is the launch. The spike. the flurry of traffic. The flood of sales. It lasts for a while. Maybe a week. Maybe two.

You are raking in a lot of green. You have massively built a list of customers. (And maybe even prospects). Sure you have made some great friends as in JV partners.

But then, what now?

What after the launch? the super's aren't going to keep promoting your product. Cuz there's another launch. Someone else's.

And you're thinking about your customers' list. You start the entire process again. Research. market detection. Cash Flow Analysis. new product. new spin. new hype. And new efforts.

And basically the previous website dies a slow death. Cuz there's no traffic. You are busy promoting the next website thats gonna launch. And you are "salting" the customers, the prospects and fellow warriors.

Would you like that? Of course you do.

Just that you would LOVE it if the original website was ALSO BEING PROMOTED. You would love it if there was a constant stream of income from the previous website as well. And that is why we are all looking for affiliates for our products.

Bear in mind that thee are affiliate dynamics to understand when you are trying to get someone to promote your product. Everyone and their mother knows you want to make some cool free money. And no one's really going to give it to you if they could make more $/visitor with some other product in the same niche. All they care about is the money. No matter how great your product is.

So what do you do?

Increase conversions? By the time you do that, the initial excitement would be silent.

Spend on PPC to get more affiliates? Yeah sure you could do that? But honestly, how many people feel comfortabole doing it? I do not meant o say you can't though. Cuz I do that all the time. But only when I have a new spin. A new twist... a new angle to the old story which is basically in the form of some changes that bring in conversions. or a re-launch.

But here's the nitty gritty. And bear in mind that it is the difference between 5 figure incomes and millions. So here it comes.

Word of mouth advertising.

The best of all. Undoubtedly. Would you buy something that your freind recommends? Sure you will. because you know how great she is at hating products and she still likes this one.

And this is what you need to implement in your online businesses as well.


Have your customers as your affiliates.

They actually have seen the product, the value in there and they know that it works. You don't have to prove to them that your website is converting.

Believe it or not. Almost all the products that I create in the IM niche have a special section on the lines of "Making money fast". And this is essentially a complete section in itself (My info products are cut into sections to make them digestible as I always overdeliver on value by giving more quality as well as quantity). And this "making money fast" section is nothing but affiliate training.

This actually trains them to make money fast by becoming an affioliate for my product. Now that they know how great the value delivered is. They would like to promote it to other people as well.

And then you go on explain how they can sign up as an affiliate.

Give them the tools that you would generally give to any affiliate or JV partners.

Ready written content etc. At times I also give them link cloaking softwares and scripts.

Basically make it push button.

And now here's the best thing I do and you could do as well.

==> Tell them that if they make x no. of affiliate sales, you would reward them with y dollars directly into their Paypal email.

This will get them to sign up and take action like crazy.

Another trick is to create a multipage members area where they can login whenever they want to access the product WHICH IS NOT DOWNLOADABLE (at least a part of it). This ensures they log in regularly.

And on the home page of the members site, tell them that they could make back the money they invested in the product in just two steps. Have a viral friend inviter that they can simply use to invite their friends to your website AT THEIR affiliate links.

Since this invitation is sent from their side (name and email), iut becomes much more personal.

Hope this helps with getting more sales.

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    And I might just add that you could also make some changes to your content that is created for affiliates exclusively ON A REGULAR BASIS!...
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      Thank you for this great post!

      Another thing I've noticed some product owners doing is to run another contest for the affiliates every so often, to keep some excitement going.

      Also, changing around the ad copy, and the emails, you have in the affiliate section puts some fresh promotions out there, and helps garner some new interest.

      A couple of the places I'm an affiliate for also write articles on a regular basis that the affiliates can use on their blogs, in emails, etc. Then they email the affiliates every time they have uploaded new articles or content the affiliates can use. This reminds the affiliates about the product on a regular basis, and gives them consistently new stuff to use to bring in sales.


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