What Was The Turning Point? Your Story Please.

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I would like to hear from some of you about "Your Story". That is, in brief if possible, how you started, what you did at first and what if anything; what was the "Turning Point" for you?

That's it.

Where you started out?
What did you try out at first?
What was your turning point if any?

My Story. (Rather boring, sorry)

Tried the .ws thing first
Bought Chris Carpenter's Google Cash. Little success direct linking.
Bought into and followed advice of Jeff Mulligan. CB Mall. (great guy)
Bought Charlie Page Directory of Ezines.

LOW POINT: Spent over 3000 dollars on replica site program with PAS (can't even remember what it stood for, but collapsed quickly!. First letter was Passive , that shows the pathetic mindset I had at the time!!!!
Tried stompernet 30day challenge.
Bought into Bebiz and Derek Gehl's membership site.

TURNING POINT: The Warrior Forum I Hope!!!

*** For those of you who already haven't caught me, you'll see the biggest part of my failure so far. Looking back at the post, I think I realize it myself.


Maybe I don't need any replies to this post because I have already learn't so much from typing this out. That's a secondary bonus of forums. By communicating your ideas you can gain clarity.

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Hi. Thanks for that post Phil, I got a lot out of it. I myself realize now that I have to commit to one particular thing and see it through to completion, which means achieving certain goals that I set out at the beginning.

Thanks again.


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  • Profile picture of the author lakshaybehl
    my story... raw and unedited...

    I started working online (or at least trying to) work online when one day while casual browsing, I stumbled upon this website in which this guy named C******** (privacy and ethics) said that he was living a dream lifestyle working on the internet just 2 hours a day and was earning millions and billions and bazillions and scullions of dollars online, and that anybody could do it. I thought I would give it a try. Especially since those were the days when I had started doing a part time job and had a few extra dollars in my hand to afford his ebook which he was selling for 97 dollars and which he claimed to have all the information and knowledge under the sun which was making him a lot of money.

    So I bought this book and built a website on the exact same pattern as he had told me to (through his book obviously). And I uploaded the website on my server…

    And bang… I would now get Absolutely tons of dollars…



    No traffic…no visitors…

    So I bought another ebook…this time exclusively on traffic…and then another…and now I was starting to get traffic. Like 20 visitors a day.

    Then I heard about SEO…and I decided to check it out. After all this hardwork and implementation of strategies, I was not getting the search engine traffic. I needed the SE traffic. It seemed to be the be all and end all of my IM career. I worked really hard on optimizing my website. But the results were not so rewarding.

    And then I heard about list building. I bought a few ebooks on list building, and started building my list. This was back in June last year ie 2007. But since I was not really getting a lot of traffic, I needed to work on that first prior to list building.

    And my focus again shifted. Back to getting traffic. So much shifted that I actually forgot about the 100 people on that odd list and didn’t communicate with them. So naturally, when I started corresponding with them again, they didn’t remember my name. And most of them instantly opted out of my list. So technically I was rendered listless again.

    Anyways this time I was committed. Committed to get traffic to my website. So I started looking for ways to get it. They say…

    Where there is a will, there is a way

    And I started discovering some real traffic systems. Some real cool concepts which changed my overall perspective on Internet Marketing. And it was when I applied them, I started making some serious income. Of course I will not mention the numbers now, since they now seem to be very small. But at that point of time, it was like…wow, I could actually replace my part time job with internet marketing. That was… just a couple of months back.

    And then the best thing happened to me. I met a self made Internet Marketing Millionaire, whom I had actually known for sometime and I knew that he was a real genuine guy. He makes a real killing online. And he offered personal coaching to me… that is complete assistance and personal mentoring.

    This was what I was looking for. This was what I actually needed to create the same success that many people have achieved online…that he had created online. He is actually a millionaire and it might not sound to be true but he had actually at a time worked as a postman.

    So I decided to jump on the offer and here I am…Personally being coached by him.

    And even though the coaching program has ended, I am still in touch with him. And truly he is mky mentor.

    I paid a few thousands to get into the coaching program. But now I know... that was really the turning point.
  • Profile picture of the author Phil Jacobson
    Thanks Jennifer. I was beginning to think about starting a thread about "let's see who can get the least views on a thread with no replies". I am looking forward to seeing a few more real life stories. They are often the best sources of inspiration.

    Do you feel you are successful at what you do now?


    • Profile picture of the author Phil Jacobson
      wow and thanks Lakshaybehl (Dude you need an easier name!). That was an interesting story and in the same timeframe that I have been doing IM, only with greater results than me!! Well done.

      I liked that you included the commitment part. I was commited to getting it.
      That is probably what attracted you to your mentor.

      I am thinking I should go a coaching program too.

      Nice story. Thanks for sharing.

    • Profile picture of the author Phil Jacobson
      Originally Posted by cosmokid View Post

      Hi Phil,

      My biggest challenge up ahead will be mastering the whole outsourcing thing because up until now I've mostly been doing everything myself.


      Yeah I can imagine myself being like that. But I know it's probably the way to go. I gotta learn the ropes myself first though. Good luck with the outsourcing and the fact that you are happy with your progress (but still have so much ambition). That is great!!

      And to steven. Wow. Six figures. Thanks for sharing. That is quite an achievement and I can see you have done it in increments. You come across as so calm and hardworking that I can't imagine you doing the Junk Stuff.

      I like your story because it's not some kind of overnight success thing
  • Profile picture of the author Steven Wagenheim
    I'll try to keep this brief.

    I started out doing what I call all the junk stuff, surveys, randomizers, MLM
    schemes, the whole 9 yards of crap. I made $28 in my first 5 months. I
    didn't know from marketing or anything. There couldn't have been anybody
    online trying to make money stupider than I was. I'll bet money on that.

    I had many turning points and that's really the secret to my success. I
    recognized each one and what I had to do.

    My first one came in June of 2003 when I got an email that basically said,
    "Hey, schmuck, why are you doing all this crap? It's a waste of time. Learn
    how to market and build a real business."

    So I did. I worked up a bit of a plan, got into freelancing and affiliate
    marketing of products. Made sure I had a basic understanding of how to
    do each.

    By the end of my first year, I was making about $1,500 a month. It wasn't
    a fortune, but I was making progress.

    But then I stagnated from there for a long time. I wasn't getting anywhere.

    Finally, a couple years later (no, I didn't think of this myself) a friend of
    mine called me on the phone and I asked him how I can make more money.
    He said to me simply, "Create your own products."

    That was my second turning point.

    My next year I made about $5,000 a month just from that one change.

    But my biggest turning point came last year when I broke 6 figures simply
    because I put more time and effort in. Made more products, did more work,
    and marketed more. It was simply a matter of hours.

    This year will be my next turning point when I start to take advantage of
    things that I'd never done before. I should be up over the 200K mark by
    the end of next year.

    Where I go from here, who knows? I don't worry about it. I have enough
    smarts now that I realize I can do anything.

    It's simply a matter of going out and doing it.
    • Profile picture of the author Simon_Sezs
      Originally Posted by Steven Wagenheim View Post

      I'll try to keep this brief.

      I started out doing what I call all the junk stuff, surveys, randomizers, MLM
      schemes, the whole 9 yards of crap.
      Randomizers, doublers, gold games...man, you are showing your age, Steven
  • Profile picture of the author KenJ
    This is a great thread

    I have been dabbling for 2 years and did almost nothing.
    Went on a very expensive mentoring course and made no money. It was a good system but the niche guidance was worse than rubbish. So I ended up with an all singing and dancing website that is going nowhere.

    Then I joined Niche Rockets and this warrior forum this year and got active.

    I have 6 wordpress blogs set up and earning a tiny adense amount.
    I have lots of articles on EA point to these sites.

    I have also done some article writing for some well known warriors here.
    That has been the only earnings really

    But I have nearly finished my first product of 10 Camtasia videos.
    I can't wait to launch it and see what happens. Hopefully This will be in 2 weeks time.

    I also have some articles that I am going to try and sell.

    So I am very positive about the future and the earning posibilities. At last I am active instead of passive
    • Profile picture of the author Jenni Mac
      Well I haven't hit the turning point yet, I'm confident that will happen before the end of the year!

      I started selling on ebay about 3yrs ago, was really good at it and managed to live off what I was earning. I got bored and fed up with trips to the post office and annoying customers who wanted their items the next day, even though they hadn't sent the payment through until after end of business!

      Thought about getting into my own site to sell physical goods, that still didn't grab me when I researched it!

      Asked a guy on a forum that I belonged to about Adsense and he said he could get me some hosting etc.

      I thought I'd set up a site about dating and love, didn't know the first thing about niches and niche marketing! Hadn't even heard of it back then! I just hit upon dating for some reason. My Adsense guy told me about a woman in Canada who had made a packet with a dating site, he dug out her name for me: Rosalind Gardener! I Googled her and got hold of her book Super Affiliates Handbook. Then I joined her forum. Someone on her forum mentioned The Warrior Forum. So I set off to check it out!

      I washed up here last December and I've learnt a heap of stuff!

      I currently have 3 sites that I'm actively working on and though I'm not making a whole heap of dollars, they are moving up the old Google!

      My big thing at the moment is a course that I'm doing under the guidance of the one and only Mr JD Swanson! It really is the best thing I've ever done to learn about IM!

      I've bought the ebooks, I've bought into memebership sites, I've spent money unwisely. But what I'm doing now with JD, I have NO DOUBT that this will be my turning point!

      Here's to keeping the faith!
    • Profile picture of the author derekwong28
      I started off in July 2001 after my wife got laid off. We started off by selling flash memory cards. The business was immediately profitable although it didn't make much. It started to take off when we started selling PDA accessories in 2003. However as our business expanded, our overheads increased as well. By 2004, we had 4 full-time employees: a webdesigner, customer service clerk, shipping clerk, and office attendant. By this time, I had attained the capability to leave my full-time job but did not do so because I felt the business was too volatile. But I was under a lot of pressure because our elder daughter was suspected as being autistic.

      I suppose the turning point came in late 2004 when I saw a post on Webmasterworld where a very well known member exhorted people to buy existing revenue generating websites rather than to start new websites. I quickly put this into practice by snapping up sites on eBay. The real break was to come in Feb 2005 when I paid $35000 for a network of sites in eBay. Nobody else dared touch because the whole copy looked look a scam. However, that turned out to be the greatest purchase of my life. Although that network is no longer making money, I was able to finetune and develop things from there. By Aug 2005, I was confident enough to hand in my resignation.

      But things started to unravel quickly for our PDA accessories shop. People started buying Smartphones instead of PDAs and our business was on a deep plunge. However, the shop was still quite profitable in 2006. But in 2007, we started having terrible problems with our employees. Two of them resigned in quick succession, including our webdesigner who was our important staff. One who remained then took 2 months' sick leave claiming that she had injured her neck while working on a computer. She also filed a claim for injury at work. By this time, we decided that we have had enough and decided to close the shop altogether. Although we could have sourced and sold other products, we were just completely fed up. So we closed the shop at the end of 2007.

      So now, it is only me who is working and luckily, things have held up so far. My advice would as follows: "Having employees is almost as bad as having a boss!"

    • Profile picture of the author Michael T.
      I started IM about 9-10 months ago actually then I typed first time "make money online",and you all know the process when you start,you are scammed from all sides with crappy e-books and no value information.

      After a month of browsing and reading I learned a lot and decided to be an affiliate marketer because I had to choose a way to make money.I thought that it would be best for me just to sell other people's products.

      So I knew what I want(sell products)but actually didn't know how to get traffic to my links.I was just losing time with article marketing,building blogs,PPC,forum signatures...all this marketing techniques I learned from one crappy e-book,I thought that by implementing many advertising techniques I would earn huge amounts of money,but nothing from that because I lost another month and didn't earn a dime.

      So 2 months and still no sales but spent 300-400 dollars on e-books

      And finally my turning point,actually 2 turning points.

      My first turning point was when I joined Wealthy affiliate and started learning PPC advertising.

      The information I found there was so valuable to me because I didn't knew anything about PPC advertising.

      I made my first,second,third campaign but I actually earned almost nothing,man I was so angry.

      And finally my second turning point
      Actually my second turning point is only one sentence that I read and it opened my eyes.It goes something like this...

      "If you want to earn a dollar online you can do it anytime but if you want to build your income online specialize in one thing and don't get distracted because you can earn more money if you are great at one thing than only good at 5 things."

      And that is actually the thing I am doing,specializing in one thing-PPC advertising(specially google adwords).

      Since my 2 turning points(About 6 months ago) I have earned more or less 15,000 dollars only with PPC.

      Now I am reaching almost $200 daily with PPC!

      My next goal is $500 day till christmas.

      Wish you luck everyone.
  • Profile picture of the author clever7
    My story is long and complicated.

    I will write only a summary with the essential:

    I had no idea about internet marketing. I was a victim of many impostors. I found many competitors online who hated the quality of my work and attacked me from the beginning.

    I started working online with the intention to promote only my own products, and trying to dominate two very difficult and competitive niches.

    I spent a lot of money, I made many mistakes, and I wasted a lot of time without knowing what I was doing.

    The turning point happened when I decided to seriously study internet marketing and understand what to do. This forum helped me a lot. Wish I had found it from the beginning of my online adventures.

  • Profile picture of the author Gaz Cooper
    Short and Sweet

    1.) Focus on ONE THING and master it then become an Authority in that subject

    2.) You are who you hang out with so seek out successful people because you will automatically emulate then when you hang round with motivated successful people and this is why EVENTS such as the Warrior Event Next week are so important

    3.) Network and get to know people within your niche and the industry this to me is the MOST IMPORTANT of all once you have a product to sell because without networking support your job will be so much harder.

    How do you get to know the movers and shakers and people in the industry ?? SEE POINT 3 very powerful and you have the chance to network with people that can change not only your business but your life.

    Kickin it on Amazon

    Gaz Cooper
    Amz Training Academy
  • Profile picture of the author celente
    I will give it to you straight.

    3 words....

    BUILD A LIST!....

    My whole life and entire business profits changed when i did this. Go figure huh!?
  • Profile picture of the author Jackson Tan
    this is what i love about WF.. when you are turn and wanting to give up.. there is always someone's story that inspires you and make you think again about your true goals..

    Turning Point.. when I met my mentor and knowing great people on WF!

    To Your Fun & Freedom
    Jackson Tan
  • Profile picture of the author SurrealPSD
    Great thread.

    I started online in the early days, providing graphic design services - and that's what I still do today. In 2011 I created what I deem a 'true authority' site for my final year university project. Up until now, I have only been working on building content and spreading the brand across the internet - there has been no serious monetization in place.

    I have never bought any coaching products, systems or schemes - I have only ever paid for tools (podcast mic, hosting, autoresponder etc.) The majority of my info comes from books, however I do dip into WF from time to time, to get in an argument or seek inspiration lol 8-)

    The books that have helped me the most:

    Gary Vaynerchuck - The Thankyou Economy & Crush It (Social Media, Brand Development)
    Tim Ferriss - The 4 Hour Work Week (Optimising workflow, entrepeneur / startup tips)
    David Lester - Starting Your Own Business (General Business advice for entrepeneurs)
    Joseph Sugarman - The Adweek Copyrighting Handbook (Key copywriting text)

    I have read many more, but these ones are always the 'go-to' texts.

    The 'turning point' will be my product launch within a few months. I have built the audience and demand, I look forward to getting it out there and seeing how it does. My emphasis is on first-rate content
  • Profile picture of the author Regional Warrior
    Did anyone notice this thread is from 2008? before you post always check the date in top left hand corner just above the OPs name.
    • Profile picture of the author rmolina88
      Originally Posted by Regional Warrior View Post

      Did anyone notice this thread is from 2008? before you post always check the date in top left hand corner just above the OPs name.
      I was about to post my story for the 100th time here, again!
    • Profile picture of the author Marx Vergel Melencio
      Originally Posted by Regional Warrior View Post

      Did anyone notice this thread is from 2008? before you post always check the date in top left hand corner just above the OPs name.

      My bad. Only noticed this now. After reading the OP, just went straight writing my post above...
  • Profile picture of the author Marx Vergel Melencio
    • Being abandoned by both my parents for a street hustler life at 14 with a 6-year old sister to fend for;
    • Then gunned down twice at 23, leaving me totally blind, permanently,with a wife and 4-month daughter...

    • Becoming the owner of an ICT outsourcing company that grew from 4 work at home moms and dads to 140 employees and subcontractors combined without any startup money and resources; and
    • Formulating and implementing content marketing and traffic generation campaigns that helped a Canadian system security development firm's carrier product to become the world's best selling Windows System Registry software cleaner of all time in 2007; and
    • Being recognized as the 2008 Most Inspiring Entrepreneur of the Philippines by Jose Concepcion III, official 2008 presidential consultant on business and entrepreneurship and principal of RFM Corporation...

    That's my story in a nutshell. The video below...
    • Was developed by the Asia Pacific Center on Disability of the United Nations; and
    • Was uploaded to Youtube by Thomas Ng,
    former Asia Pacific CEO (for more than 25 years) of Asea Brown Boveri, the world's largest power engineering firm...
    Here's the video:

  • Profile picture of the author Stuart Walker
    My first ever foray in making money online was from sports betting and online casino bonus hunting. Taking advantage of sign up offers that were in the players favour when played properly, was a great earner for a while but it got harder and harder and soon was fizzling out and becoming more risky (casinos all going rogue) and that's when I stared to look into other options like affiliate marketing.
  • Profile picture of the author betterwtveter
    Where you started out?
    I started out as a sophmore in college and ran into an ebook by ewin chia from click bank talking about how to market affiliate products. I was hooked to internet marketing that I ended up selling whatever I can get my hands on such as tangable and intagable products.
    I ended up running a construction business and had much success getting over 300 free visitors to my website just for marketing in the social network. Because I enjoyed marketing so much, I shut down my construction business and am still marketing for other companies today.
    My turning point was when my wife brought our little girl in the world. I realized I never wanted to be away from home as much as I was when running my construction business. So I am marketing full time from home so I can finally be home with my wife and little girl.
    • Profile picture of the author cebrg1
      My turning points

      1.) When I was in my third MLM company I heard about the concept of viral marketing. At the time, most people hadn't heard of it yet, but the whole sales funnel I was looking at from the group I was a part of hooked me. It made sense. That's when I started my IM journey.

      I bought lots of shiny objects, most of which, I realize now, I had no intention of ever putting into practice. I was just caught up in the sales hype and thought that they were all the best thing since sliced bread. What I wanted was to buy something and have it all set up for me so all I did was collect the check at the end of the day.

      2.) Out of about 200 people, I was one of about 50 who got chosen to be in a beta-testing group. This was in Sept/Oct of 2011. We never made it to product launch, but I was in a mastermind group for the first time and loved it. It was the first time that I could get feedback from people within the IM community and this is when I got more serious about it.

      3.) In January of 2012, I signed up to PPC Coach and did the 30-day challenge and it changed the way I thought about IM. I learned persistence, patience and to think about IM as a journey. I also learned a lot about personal development during that time and why people don't achieve their goals. That brings me to my next turning point.

      4.) In January of 2013, I found a coach/mentor to help me make enough money to write my own future and so far it's going great...lots of work, but no complaints.

      One idea I have is to create a mastermind group for people who have posted on this thread, to help and also to share and to create a community where we can all grow together. Any thoughts?
  • Profile picture of the author webgenco
    Like Steve W noted I started out with old-school randomizers, doublers, gold games, expensive $2000 seminars, traffic systems, traffic arbitrage and other crazy schemes I have blocked out of my memory.... but the the takeway was that there are no shortcuts, no magic systems, no true over night success. It's kind of embarrassing to think of all the stupid stuff I spent money on and online money games I got recruited into. They were all money & time wasters. Thankfully I don't give up easily and the turning point was realizing the same traits that made me successful offline in my career, would be the same traits I needed to apply online i.e., focused study, implementing a strategy, finding a trusted mentor, dealing with good people, staying away from scams, and treating all customers and/or prospects how I would like to be treated. Basic stuff, but it was my breakthrough. I became a student of the top people. Then implemented with my own spin and never stop learning.
  • Profile picture of the author eBayStealth
    I am new to this forum, but not new to the online game. I haven't really shared this story with anyone so this would be a good time!

    I was 18 and still in high school working at MCD! I was a manager, but I still wanted more. I knew I was going to go to college soon, but wanted to have some type of business so I could quite my job, and focus on college. So I did just that. I started using eBay, and selling things around my house. I found some good drop shippers, and was able to make money. Of course my % was much lower because of the drop shipping, but it also kept other people (parents) out of my business. Everything was going great, and I started to make $250-325 a week. I didn't quite my job however cause I knew that this could end quick.

    Then eBay suspended me. They never told me why. I wasn't selling phakes, or anything like that. So I was kind of in the gutter. I was super depressed. After a few weeks of feeling sorry for myself I picked myself up and did research and figured out stealth. I started making eBay accounts left and right, and figured out how to use them without getting suspended. So that's what I did! After that my money started to increase to about 500-750 a week.

    Then I started to learn about coding, and web design. Started making my own niche websites, and increased my sales to $2500-3500 a week, with my profit at 1000-1500 a week.

    So that is pretty much where I am at now. Hopefully I will keep growing! It's good to be here! Nice stories everyone!

    By the way, I'm 23 now!
  • Profile picture of the author HumbleGuy
    Interesting stories, indeed.
    • Profile picture of the author papuanac1971
      I started few years ago. As I was already employee of one oil and gas offshore company I had lot't of free time and money to do what ever I want to do.
      One day, while waking up in one rainy winter day I come to an idea why not use Internet and start make money.
      I type in my browser "Make money online" in my native Croatian language and comes up bunch of results. I pick up first one, open web page and without think too much I order one CD file on how make money with blogger blog and adsense.
      They was promising 1000's of dollars first month but soon I realize that is not so easy.
      In few days I spend $1.000,00 on Google AdWords and earn only few bucks.

      I leave it and I find another system, Spider Web Marketing system. Maybe someone still remember that program. Main event in that program was GDI MLM and selling of .ws domain.
      Well, GDI is great program but I reach around $1.200 monthly in 5 years.
      As time pass I was more and more experienced and start to look for other proven way of make money.

      Than shows up Ryan Moran Spacebankers, $97.00 guide on how to make money on MySpace and Facebook.
      Well guys, what I learned there I use still now, especially cross fire methods that is so good and powerful to use on Facebook.

      Next one, good one was George Brown's Google Sniper 2.0 and that was nice one. For me is the most comprehensive and complete guide for every newbie or expert.
      This program I utilize for every of my CB product I review and have really great success.

      The turning point was when I join MaxBounty CPA affiliate network and when I find out FirstDate CPA dating offer that offers $12.50 for every free sign up I made.
      I knew from before that sex and date everyone loves and all I need to do is target country and not keywords and that was easy and still is.
      With small outsource I was able to make 3k+ daily promoting ONLY dating offers and that was really great.
      I post somewhere in this forum screenshoots from that period (last year) and proof of my daily earnings from that period.
      Till now I remain with dating offers and I mastered my methods.
      Dating offers converting well on PPV network and on Facebook but need to pay attention on TOS of Facebook platform not to get banned.
      This is my story.

      Today I do CPA, Affiliate marketing and Kindle book publishing as well as my primary 9.500€ offshore monthly job.
  • Profile picture of the author Sugar Cube
    I was looking for a job and I gave the interview and got the job in 2010. My post was SEO, the term was total new to me. I joined and started working. The first few months I was really not understanding what I have to do as I was totally new this online world. As the days were passing, I was getting more interested and excited to know more about this.
    I learned a lot and started freelancing for SEO and content writing. My first online job started myself. It happened most of the time that I haven’t got the payment properly, but I get relaxed when I think that I am working from home freely and even can give time to my company.
  • Profile picture of the author W Wattles Fan
    I was getting nowhere fast and making $100 or so each month from adsense, Clickbank and Amazon.

    I started making YT videos in the relationship niche. Each video would divide opinion. I made 14 in total in 2 months and used the same main keyword in the title. Each video took no more than an hour.

    After 3 months I started to earn alot more money than I had before and found that one of my videos was on the first page of google.com and googla.ca.

    Since uploading the video 18 months ago, I have earned $6,200 from it through Clickbank.

    Never give up as you never know what piece of work you do will change your success.

    I've created my own product, paid for a sales letter and a whiteboard video from the money I've earned and will now send the traffic to my own squeeze page to build my own list vis a self hosted autoresponder and sell my own products.

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