Warriors, how do you check your emails while on the go?

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In my case, I use my mobile phone very much to check all my email accounts when I'm on the go.

As marketers, we are on constant need for email access. And moreover, since most of us are not confined by office space, we need mobile email access wherever we are, whenever we are (at least I know I do need mobile email)

You may say Blackberry is the answer.. quite correct, but I've found a free way to turn even regular mobile phones into a mobile email tool more powerful than a Blackerry. And all the applications/services used in this method is free as well.

I've written a report on how I do this and I am giving it away for you warriors as a token of good will in my first post here, although I've been on this forum for several years now (under another username in the old forum). With my old account I only post less than 10 posts, and I use my account mainly for searching through the big archive.

It's been a very educational experience, and all the information I receive from this forum is nothing short of fantastic to say the least.

That's why I want to give back to this forum on my first post with the new account.

Like I said, the report that I am giving away is based on my own experience, tweaking my mobile phone (regular mobile phone and smart mobile phones) into email tools more powerful than Blackberry.

Using the technicques I write in the report, here's basically what you can expect to get from your mobile phone:

- you can read and send emails on the go (of course :-))
- you can store gigabytes of worth of email archive and do a search through it in just a few seconds
- you can forward very big emails with very big attachments using only several kilobytes of your mobile phone's data credit
- you can have an always updated email spam filter right there on your mobile phone
- you can have a very economical mobile email experience, even when you're on international roaming
..there's more, but I'll let you download the report and read it for yourself.. see my sig to download it..


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    I check my mobile and it seems to work alright with me. But I am here in Japan where connection is really good. Only thing is you get charged quite high.
    • Profile picture of the author Ron Douglas
      I never check email when travelling. I have an assistant who does customer support. Non customer emails can wait until I get back to the computer.

      My office computer is a laptop which allows me to bring it with me when I'm away from more than a day.

      I refuse to get a Blackberry because I'd have no excuse not to return personal emails right away. Sometimes I just don't want to be contacted. It's bad enough that I have a cell phone.

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