How not to get your Paypal account limited/frozen

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Hi. So I'm working on my first WSO which should be ready in the course of next week. I wanted to ask for advise on what to do to avoid getting my Paypal account limited. I know that a sudden influx of money, amongst other factors, that could arise from a product launch (for example) could trigger this.
I would like to know how other WSO sellers that have done thousands of dollars in sales through their Paypal accounts have gone about it. Is it that you notify Paypal in advance or what exactly do you guys do? Thanks in advance for your answers.
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    That'd a tough one however I have heard that one thing to do is call them and let them know there may be an influx of cash, however I have also read that I.M, money making schemes etc are all against their Terms.

    Hopefully someone with actual experience will answer your question.

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    I have used Paypal for around 6 years now and have transferred well over $200,000 through it. One thing to be sure of is that your phone number and other contact info is correct. Paypal will call you before taking any action on your account.
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    Consider setting up a business/merchant account rather than a personal account. It's a lot less flag-raising, in my opinion at least (Which doesn't matter, of course, since it's PayPal's opinion that matters here.. but just sayin! ) to see an influx of cash into a business account than into a personal account.
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    Just upgrade to premier/business account. I'm guessing 99% of people banned were using personal accounts against their TOS.
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    Contrary to what anyone else tells you, there is not much you can do to stop your Paypal account from being limited or frozen. If your account has suspicious activity then they will take action on that regardless of whether you have called them beforehand or not. Warning them beforehand will stop nothing because even someone who WAS going to run a scam through Paypal could call and warn them just as easily... so it means nothing to them.

    Step back and take a look at things from their point of view. If your account has had very little money go through it and all of a sudden one day it starts taking a whole heap of payments, that is abnormal activity and it will likely raise the alarm at Paypal. When that happens they are going to do a manual review of your account and it is at this time that they will decide whether or not your product adheres to their terms of use and/or whether they feel it is a risk to their platform.

    At this point they are quite likely to call you and want to ask you a bunch of questions. Others have said if you miss this call it's all over. That is also false because I missed two of their calls and eventually they got hold of me and we talked for a while and everything was fine.

    Don't listen to half the crap you hear about Paypal on this forum. Just understand they are a real business just like you and they will do everything they can to protect their network from scammers. If your business activity shares similar patterns to those of scammers (such as a large influx of funds in a short period of time) it's only logical they are going to review that and take a closer look at things. So long as you are adhering to their terms of service and your product is not full of false promises and hype, you should be ok.
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    Agreeing with Will. Just adding that setting your account to a business account will help too.
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    Whenever you get funds coming ti your PP account, try to transfer it to your bank account ASAP. Not sure, if that's gonna prevent your account from freezing or a limit, but that will decrease the amount they'll hold in case something like that will happen to you. I'd say, keep around 200-300$ in your PP, the rest just transfer.
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    Well, they can't ban/froze/limit your account just because you keep transferring your money to your bank account. I keep doing that on a regular basis, and I'm still alive. Who knows what the circumstances might be for you tot do that, besides, you still keep some cash within your PP account, so it's not completely empty.

    My point is that 95% of PayPal users get screwed at some point or another, especially the ones that deal with eBay. And there are tons of rants about people's accounts being frozen with over 20k there. So that's just to avoid that.

    Like many people, my PP was limited too for over 6 months, but luckily, since i was transferring money on a weekly basis, I only had 60$ frozen.
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    Paypal is not 100% safe place to safe our money. I think it's time for us to use better alternative to paypal and start to get used to it..
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    What are the reasons why PayPal will limit an account?

    1 – There are large amounts of cash coming in and out on a new account. PayPal does not like new accounts that suddenly have a flurry of interest. No one knows the actual amount that PayPal has set to limit an account but some accounts have been limited for just a couple of hundred dollars.

    2 – The account has been linked to another account that has been flagged for suspicious activity. This could be something simple as the same IP address or the same email address was used. If you have also been flagged on E-bay for suspicious activity, then PayPal will get notification straight away as E-bay and PayPal are the same company.

    3 – If you are an American citizen and fail to provide your SS number. PayPal has new regulations and rules to abide by and this includes passing on all details of people with SS numbers. If your PayPal account is registered in the US or you log on using a United States IP address, then you will definitely have to provide your SS number if you do not want limitations placed on your account.

    4 – You have violated the terms of use such as selling porn or taking payments for gambling. Scamming people, selling porn or dealing with gambling sites is a big no in the eyes of PayPal and if you insist on completing these activities then you will definitely have to use elsewhere as the limitation will never be lifted.

    5 – There is a sudden change in activity. Imagine you have started selling a new product and the cash is rolling in. Previously however that account was dormant for many months. Maybe you have also moved country in that time and forgot to update your account or notify PayPal. You would be amazed at the amount of criteria that PayPal uses to try and prevent fraud or theft.

    So with all the above rules, you could quite easily assume that PayPal is turning into Big Brother and all internet marketers should ditch them and take their services elsewhere. However PayPal happens to be the best at what they do.Customers also love to use PayPal as they do not have to provide their credit card details which can put a lot of people off when it comes to internet shopping

    Your PayPal Account Now Has Limitations – What Should You Do?

    The easiest way to get limitations lifted is by giving PayPal what they want. Sometimes this is something simple as providing your SS number or linking a credit or debit card up to the account.

    Most people panic though and immediately look for the new account registration. This is the worst thing you can do as PayPal is tracking your IP address, and will limit any account that share the same name, email address or cookies.

    Ideally you want to give PayPal every opportunity not to limit your account and the following are ways to do this.

    The Limitation Prevention plan

    1: Before you launch a product, place a telephone call to PayPal and ask them to make a note on your account file that there will be unusual activity.

    2: Before you launch your product, make sure that you have read the Acceptable Use Policy provided by PayPal and that you adhere to it. If you are in any doubt, send an email to PayPal asking for clarification.

    3: Never use your PayPal account on a public computer. If PayPal has previously linked that IP address to an online scammer then your account will be linked with them.

    4: If you are traveling, do not access your PayPal account from another country. If there is the need to do this, then use which gives you protected remote access.

    5: Do not open a brand new account and then start transferring thousands of dollars. This is the quickest way to get red flagged by PayPal. As a personal rule, if I have a new PayPal account, I never withdraw more than 300 dollars within the period of a month. I will also make sure that any money coming into the account is not greater than 500 dollars.
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    @bsbear I have both a Premier and a Business account
    @ Tim Gray I don't use a Personal account or even have one
    @ goldclubmember Thanks for the information
    @ John Broberg Why was it frozen and what did you do to get it unfrozen? What strategy do you have in place should your account be frozen next time? Thanks
    @ andy Bishop That's a really good way to get your account frozen to the power infinity
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    paypal are not dumb, just have to work with them. I had a big launch back a while ago, and rang them to tell them.... that is what they like too. I have had funds frozen before, but make sure you dont ring up and get angry, stomp on ground and swear at them. Just work with them, and be curtious and it will go along way and get account unlocked quicker!. That worked for me, and they are open and very helpful in my experience.
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    I know many have said this already but I just want to add this up still as a proof that you're in good hands if you have a business-verified PayPal account. We've been operating since 2005 and we've never gotten our account limited.
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    Here's the 2 things you need to do (I've processed a good deal of money with Paypal, and haven't had a problem yet...knock on wood!)

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    I hope your WSO sells well enough where this is an issue.

    But seriously, what Robert said is right. Being a legit business with a verified account definitely helps.
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    Preemptive action never hurts. Your account won't be limited for "making money" - it will be limited for complaints, chargebacks, and disputes.

    When I released my first WSO a couple of "affiliates" signed up and referred a few accounts and I ended up getting 3 chargebacks on the same day. PayPal hadn't taken any action (it's a business account that I've had since at least 2003, maybe earlier I can't remember) - but just to be safe, I went ahead and contacted PayPal and explained that my control over what affiliates did was limited and asked if there was anything we could work together on to identify and prevent. I gave them the IP addresses and all info I had on the affiliates (all were from China). They were helpful and told me about a feature to block payments from specific countries.

    Also, check out this thread - you can block receiving payments by country.
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    I have a somewhat related tip.

    When they limit your account and ask for copies of your ID, SS # and whatever, instead of mailing or faxing them, use your phone or other digital camera to take pictures of everything and load the pictures onto your pc. After that sign into PayPal go to the resolve panel and upload the docks. Then call PayPal and tell the Rep you uploaded the requested items. In my experience the Rep will take a few minutes to review your docs and unlimit your account while you are still on the phone.

    I've walked several people through this process with desired results in every case.

    George Wright
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    give them your real informations, and if you have a problem after just call them

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