How to Record An Interview?

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I am setting up an interview to record. I was planning on doing it via Skype so that it would be easy to record, but what if they don't have Skype?

Does anyone know how I can record phone calls from my cell phone?
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    Tell them to download Skype

    You can then use free skype recording software like call graph.

    another one is called record anything, which records every sound, I used it recently and worked fine. I guess you could use that with any chat program, such as MSN messenger/AIM.
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      You still can use Skype. For those who don't have Skype, you just call their mobile phone. You still can record the conversation.

      Recommended Plugin: Pamela!
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    I have had good success with - two keys combination starts the recording, hanging up ends the recording.

    Heather is correct - you want to avoid cell phones. Sometimes they work, many times they add a ton of noise to your recording.

    One plus for FreeConferencePro -- I believe they customize your welcome message, so when people call in (for large group teleseminars) they receive a recorded message: "Welcome to the phone conference line for [ the name of your business ]. Just a nice touch.
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      Yes, that's exactly why we like FreeConferencePro... the customized message is very professional sounding, especially if you're hosting live teleseminars.

      One caveat is, their MP3 recordings really suck! (That's why I record through the Instant Teleseminar interface if I'm doing a backup recording). They also give you a .wav file which is much better -- but if you end up converting it to MP3, you're back to a pretty crappy sound (the Instant Teleseminars .wav has the same specs but for some reason ends up much better sounding).

      Also, the .wav from FreeConferencePro usually doesn't work with the Levelator; it just stops in the middle. I'm not sure what they're doing, but their recording function just doesn't have the quality required for a product.


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