eBay Alert - Is your product listed in this auction?

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Hey fellow warriors,

I just stumbled across an eBay listing by a guy who's supposedly setting up a Master Resell Rights membership (for $199.95) and needs funds to complete his site, so he's offering all the products he's gathered together (and it's a lot!) and claims one lucky winner will get a liftetime membership.

He's got a starting bid at $0.01.

A few of my products are listed. I'm checking my terms on those now, but I'm pretty sure I don't allow them to be sold on auction sites.

Now, he's probably splitting hairs here, since he's selling a membership, so I don't know if that's an ok thing or not. I don't think I can post the link here (not sure), but you can find the auction in the membership category under the main "Everything Else" category. On page 2. Thumbnail image says "HOT!".

As I said, this may be something no one can do anything about, because he's supposedly selling a "membership". Don't know, but just wanted to give you guys a heads up.

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    If ebay doesn't allow downloadable products, why would they allow a membership of them? It is the same thing. If the auction is violating your terms, report it to ebay.
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      That point is well taken. I don't really know what eBay's position is on something like this, but as you pointed out, they don't allow downloadable products.

      I'll do as you suggest. Maybe I can find out what their position is on something like this.


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