Scroll Bar Question - How To Make It Red?

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Hey Guys,

Any idea how I can make the scroll bar on a web site or web page be red instead of its standard scroll bar?

Also, is this applicable to FireFox or does it take effect only in Internet Explorer?

Thanks for any help!

-- Edmund Loh
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    Hi Edmund,

    Here is a neat and quick scrollbar generator that I just found;
    color scrollbar generator

    That code from that site doesnt work in Firefox. I am not sure if any code will.

    But here is a discussion with a possible solution (scroll down the page a bit);
    HTML & CSS - Change Scroll Bar Color In FireFox And Opera? |

    Hope that helps,
    Joel Osborne
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      Joel and Asher,


      The Code Generator didn't work but I tried out the suggestion in the forum link you gave. Worked fine for me. The changes didn't show up on FireFox but that's okay, as long as it shows up on Internet Explorer it's fine by me.

      Thanks again!

      -- Edmund Loh
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    Hia Edmund,

    That would require CSS. It only takes effect in Internet Explorer as far as I know.
    FireFox doesn't recognize it yet, I think.

    You can go to for information on how to do that. It's a site for kids
    for HTML but I still go back there sometimes for coding assistance - it's really simple
    stuff which means I don't need to rack my brains to get my desired effect.

    Once you're there, go to HTML > Section 7 and scroll all the way to the bottom. Or:
    Lissa Explains it All -- Div Layer Tutorial

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      Nice resource, Joel. That site proves that the code STILL doesn't work for Firefox and only works on Internet Explorer. Nice find!


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