If you die tomorrow, would your business survive?

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Today is the one year anniversary of one of the biggest turning points in my life, which was when a good marketing friend of mine was in a car accident....

He almost died...

In the hospital as I stood next to him, his wife crying in the corner he spoke to me and said, " Todd, can you support my family ", being great friends for 5 years I told him yes....

He said, " I have built this entire business based on me, once I'm gone, there is no business, don't do that Todd, make it automatic ".

Luckily, his surgery was a success... he survived and so did his business.

However, since this happening I have automated most of my business systems, trained employees to take my place in case of the worst, luckily I don't have a family to feed, but many of you do...

Just keep this in mind.
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    The sites would stay up until the credit cards for hosting expired.

    People would still be able to buy and download products, but wouldn't get any support.

    I'm not concerned, since I would be dead, which is far more serious than having trouble downloading an ebook.
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      I was told by one of my financial planner that there is this "Business Succession Planning" policy offered by some insurance company.

      The policy is for business owners who runs the business on his own and in the event of death or illness, the coverage will pay the family. The coverage will also cover the transition of the business from the original owner to the intended take-over.

      Something like that. You can ask your financial planner for more information.

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