Genuine Opinions and Help Needed on Membership Site

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I need some real help or opinions on this membership site I just launched. It's a graphics membership site.

Mainly on the copy, but also on the offer itself.

I'm having a hard time getting members, even with promotions by JV Partners with good lists. I really think I have a good product in this site, and am really surprised at the lack of response.

I'm not out to promote this site here, so I won't even give a link in this post, and I've removed my sig to show I'm serious. I could really use some advice.

Please PM me and I'll give you the link to my site so you can take a look. Just don't want to be accused of promoting my site, because that is not what I'm after here.


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    Hi there,

    Send me the link in a PM and let me look at how your site is presented. I am curious.


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      The first question I always ask in this situation is how much traffic are you getting?

      The next one is where is the traffic coming from?

      If traffic is low, there's not much point looking at the site, since it's hard to sell anything if nobody is visiting.

      If you get lots of traffic, then we know it's a conversion problem.

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