How true is the Millionaire's Mindset?

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1) "Focus on today."

Yesterday is history. Whatever has happened has happened. Today is the first day of your new life.


How true is that statement? Yet, no matter what we do, we always live in the past. Does our pasts define what we become and how we achieve financial success?


2)"You don't need riches to make them."

Unless you are born with a silver spoon in your mouth, and most people aren't, YOU will have to make your millions... and it isn't that hard, whatever you may think.


Unless I am mistaken you can't even present yourself as legit without owning a proper website domain these days. It always takes money somewhere down the line to be able to afford 'some things.'


3)Learn from those you know.


What if the market is saturated with the wrong information and people just follow the next big thing. How does one differentiate the quality from the crappy? How do you know that the person is worth your time? How sure are you that they do not just see you as someone stupid enough to fall for their pretty words and make their wallets fat. How sure are you that the person you follow is the right role-model?


4)Many things are easy whilst few are impossible.


How many obstacles have you run into lately? Think of all the things that could possibly go wrong... Your relationship breaks down, your dog died, you lost your job, you have bills to pay and no money coming in. How easy is it to overcome those odds?


Well some of my personal opinion will not resonate with people. Usually people prefer to see and smell the roses and ignore the thorns drawing their blood.

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    "What you put your attention on manifests to its greatest reality".

    That's my mantra that I try to repeat in my mind daily.

    I'm going to break that mantra for a minute here.

    I've failed at least 100 times to get to where I'm at today.

    Been flat broke, $22,000 in debt and unemployed and still never gave up.

    "In every failure is a seed of success." Anthony Robbins

    So there must be some truth to the Millionaire's Mindset. The law of attraction (from my point of view) is a 'set law' in the universe that simply say YES to any dominating thought you hold in your mind whether negative or positive...

    Most people focus on 'what they don't want' and that's exactly what they get. I've learned to try and only focus on 'what I want' and this takes diligence on a daily basis.

    Dean Shainin
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    How you percieve the world around you is your choice. You can look at the cup as half full or half empty (cliche'!), so let's look at your points above from the half full perspective:

    1) "Focus on today."

    When you really think about it, today, right now, is all you really have so do things right now that will make for a more positive tomorrow. The past is important but more to look back an reflect on and learn from.

    2) "You don't need riches to make them."

    It's only $9 for a domain name and -$10 a month to host that domain. Let me repeat that - It's only $9 for a domain name and -$10 a month to host that domain.

    3) "Learn from those you know."

    Get to know the right people. Obviously, Donald Trump would be hard to get to know in person, but he has books out there in bookstores and there's a lot of information/discussions available online about him and his success principals. I'm just using him as an example so this would work for almost anyone you'd want to get to know.

    4) "Many things are easy whilst few are impossible."

    "...How easy is it to overcome those odds?"

    How you percieve the world around you is your choice.

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      Hey Paul,

      The cup is ALWAYS 100% full... part of it might be liquid, and the rest is air! ;-)

      Dean... it's not just about the "thoughts" you think (positive thinking, think and grow rich, yada yada yada)... the power in manifesting or making the LOA work for you is in the emotions.

      If you think positively yet feel like it's all a pile of crap (or rose thorns, or whatever) then it won't work. Emotions are more powerful than thoughts.

      My TEAR Formula is T+E+A=R (Thoughts + Emotions + Actions = Results)

      The Emotions are stronger than the Thoughts, and the Actions override both.

      And Sarah, one of my favorite formulas for your approaching obstacles the right way comes from Jack Canfield:
      E+R=O (Event + Reaction = Outcome)

      You can't control the Event... but you can control your Reaction to it (complain? cry? laugh? investigate? face the fear and do it anyway?) and that controls your Outcome.

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    Hi Dean,

    At least you got the recognition of a 'yada,yada, yada...'

    Just teasing Heather & Dean...interesting thread here.
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      Originally Posted by ExRat View Post

      Hi Dean,

      At least you got the recognition of a 'yada,yada, yada...'

      Just teasing Heather & Dean...interesting thread here.
      You know what's really crazy.

      After I had replied to this thread I was going through some of my material from a package I just purchased and low and behold as I was reading there was yada, yada, yada and it did not have the same effect on my emotions. I'm thinking because my name was not before or after it. Hence, identification with 'my name' 'thought form' aka ego. Very strange how the mind will put labels upon words in certain contexts and not others from just the way words are arranged...

      I'm very Thankful Heather helped expose some deep hidden aspect within myself that needs to be what I call "cleared" from the emotional body.

      Echart Tolle goes into stuff about why and how this stuff effects all humans on this planet and we are finally started to realize that 'identification with though form' aka 'ego' is the primary driving factor for all discord in the world. I never really knew what ego was until I read Echarts books and listened to that free 8 week series. Here is one part that relates to the emotion aspect and ego. Love the Zen master story...


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