Best day to get solo ad mailings for?

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I went to safe-swaps and different vendors have different dates to mail out solo ads. I was wondering, from your experience, what's the best day to schedule solo ad mailings?

Also, what time is the best time to mail them out? (this may depend on the target group's location i think)
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    no for sat and sunday. because well....u know.

    No for monday due to people with monday blues and busy back to work.

    I do like tuesdays, and wednesdays.

    Thusdays seems to be people rushing again, getting ready for end of week.

    Friday no good cause people back in weekend mode, and getting ready for weekend.

    There you have it.

    This is my tests, and my results afters doing 434 solo ads for different mailings and different sizes to different lists. TUES - WED always did the best.
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    As people visit their inboxes less frequently during the day and instead hit social network, the number of days it takes between sending an email and a user reading it has grown. These days, most people allow up to five days for stragglers to open emails. If this is event you want to inform about, send your email three days before the target event at minimum.
    If you decide at what TIME to send emails, then you should know the best open rates tend to be seen in emails that are sent around lunch time (noon or 1:00pm) EST. This also makes logical sense as people tend to relax a bit with their inboxes at lunch.

    Conclusion: Most studies support that sending emails on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday will yield the best results. So, if you boil it down, you want to send your email campaign on a midweek day in the afternoon.
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    I have asked this question to a number of different big list marketers over the last year or so and they all give conflicting answers to both the day and the time. Personally I think thayt the people that are going to open your mail will all you can do is create a catch in the title/headline and test your style and format until you have the perfect formula. Of course you could sign up to an expensive course or just sign up to some top marketing lists and look at the structure, font size and emotional hook they use to getyou to click the link.
    If people know they are going to get an entertaining story, great content or products that you recommend they will open the mail on any day, if you hard sell and spam you will get the opposite.

    Good luck

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    i have always found that during the week at around 4 - 9pm EST works ok

    but then again that time frame works well for most things when it comes to mailings

    i would try every day and log your results and see what your results over over quite a few mailings at different times

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    Test it out for yourself, and it all depends on who your target market actually is?

    For example if your offer is aimed at people in America and your selling lives in Asia they will have to automate the sending, vs someone who could just press send.

    For me personally the time / day is pretty low on the things to test, you should be worried about the big things such as Headline, Quality of The Gift, Position of The Button, and how many leads it takes to generate a sale via your marketing funnel.
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