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Hi everyone,

I have been looking for a way to turn my ebook into a mobile app for iPhone and Android. It is currently in a Microsoft Word document and it is over 300 pages long.

I have been looking at a lot of the different programs for creating apps online, but most seem to just be creating apps from RSS feeds or creating mobile versions of web sites, not putting full courses into into a nice format that is easy to navigate on smart phones and tablets.

Does anyone have any suggestions for a program that would let me turn my course into an app in a WSYWIG (non-programming) environment?

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    What does your ebook cover? maybe ideas will flow if we know what niche your ebook targets, how you wish to present it, etc.
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    OK - the obvious option that springs to mind is to turn it into something like a Kindle book (cross-platform) or apple bookstore book. You don't mention why this isn't the option you're taking - and I'm assuming you have a reason for wanting it to be in app format rather than a digital book...

    So, firstly, to release an app for iOS and Android, you will need to be a member of both Apple's developer program ($99/yr) and Google's ($25 one time). You could optionally get a company to develop it for you who is a licensed Apple / Google developer - however the app would then be released under their name (e.g. XYZ Software P/L) rather than your name in the relevant App store. Maybe this doesn't matter to you...

    You would need to either develop a native version of your app for each platform (not recommended for this style of app) or use a cross-platform development tool to create the mobile app. The reason for developing "native" apps is that you get access to platform-specific features of the device - something you honestly won't need for an ebook-type app - a "cross-platform" solution will work fine for what you need.

    Something like Corona (http://www.CoronaLabs.com) allows cross platform development - and you can build the app for free - you only pay once you want to release it - believe it's $350/yr for the developer license - and here you may be better off engaging a developer to build it for you who has a license.

    There are other tools too - and there may even be tools that are more specific to your ebook requirement. Corona is a highly functional and widely-used platform with tons of support, which makes it (to my mind) preferable to a niche platform that may disappear tomorrow. (Kinda like why Wordpress is such a popular web platform).

    As an aside, my 10-yo daughter built an ebook-style app using AppToolz (itunes.apple.com/us/app/apptoolz/id471798521) which is a low-price iPad-based application development tool. The app she built only runs on Apple devices (not cross-platform), however AppToolZ is a great, way to quickly mock up what your app might look / work like - and doesn't require any coding knowledge. Might be a great way for you to start by sketching out the look and feel of how your eBook will look and work on a mobile device.

    Hope this helps and good luck!

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    @ ebusinesstutor
    why dont you try appmk(dot)com, i use it my self, and its take no time to have an ebook ready for google play
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    Careful with creating an app from an ebook. Especially with Apple, as they require dynamic and engaging content. Static info (such as an ebook) will quickly be rejected and/or sent over to Apple bookstore - where you don't want to be. Google, on the other hand, doesn't care and will accept almost any app. Also, you mentioned that you're also looking for a way to help your clients create apps from ebooks.... I'd recommend using Bizness Apps. Awesome WYSIWYG platform with tons of tools, plugins, etc.. PLUS they offer a white label reseller option, so you can make some $$$ with your clients. Ask for Andrew, he is the owner of Bizness Apps and they're a great organization with great people! Best of luck and I hope this helps
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    I did a test with Apps Geyser, but the page size was very small and did not fit the screen like an ebook app does. And there was no way to get navigable chapters.

    I will try others and update my experience here.
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    Hi there,

    I've been publishing on smashwords and the conversion is done there when you upload the file though I'm not sure what the limit is. I've also used calibre and it seems to be pretty good. I've had some good results with it but I'm not exactly an advanced user with it because there's more I need to learn. What I like about it is that it can convert to different types.
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    Hi ebusinesstutor

    am glad you did, that's the down side, you cant use any kind of codes or HTML.
    or you can change the format of your ebook from word to PDF and try "magazine app maker" from the same site.
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    If you need some assistance with eBook mobile app development, please let me know. We have experience in creating such such an apps. Here is an example available at Google Play https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.ebooks.ebookreader
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    Go here for the Awesome E-Book Starter Kit!

    PS: this link contains an aff link
    just to let you know

    i am still looking on trying it, i am too busy doing other things
    thanks and i hope it helps
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    other option is appopus
    free option is calibre:
    its free and you can export as epub

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