Finally, I have done it!!!

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Hey guys, just wanted to tell you, that with all my knowledge to drive traffic I never got a project up, because of the basics. There is no sense in knowing how to drive traffic to a site, if there is no money site.

Well, actually I have done it! YEEEEAH! It took me 3 complete days, but I´ve made it and finally I can try to get some traffic *hehe*

Please, if you don´t care, take a look at my site and give me a honest review:

My approach was:
Somebody is searching for information on a service
I don´t want to sell, I want to give information
And I want it to look professional, with a tour-guide, like the introducing sites, you know?
And finally, look at how I embed the affiliate site, nice isn´t?

The site is

Any review and critics would be very welcome. I know it is my first site, but please be honest, as it will help me to succeed.

Best wishes to all warriors,
#internet marketing #finally
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    Hey Martin,

    The site has a nice, clean and classy look--so I'd say you've pretty much nailed the design aspect.

    I did notice a few spelling mistakes in the copy--Best to have it reviewed.

    Great job on the whole--Good luck!

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      1. Set the SEO in the configuration and rename the htaccess.txt file to .htaccess to get SEF url's

      2. In the siteground template's index.php and template.php file add target="_blank" otherwise the links take you visitors away

      3. Change the image alt & title tags to your keywords - at the moment they are Sitegorund's

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      It's a good looking site - nice and clean.

      To be honest though, I would change the red text to maybe a dark blue or dark orange. I personally don't like the green and red mixture.

      Hope that helps!

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