Best price for selling an ebook on Clickbank?

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Hi everyone!

I have an ebook on Clickbank, in the weight loss niche, selling for $47. It's been for sale for 10 days now, and managed to sale just one copy (I drove around 500 clicks to it, so far). And I'm thinking it's too pricey and this could be one of the reasons why it's not selling.

So I want to run a promotional campaign with a lower price (and create urgency for buying, this way), but not sure what price to set to it. I'm thinking somewhere along $17.00 or $19.00. Perhaps you could help me?

What is the sweet spot for an ebook's price on Clickbank?

Thank you!
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    It is true that you might be able to find a better product to sell for cheaper. Your current ebook made you almost 10 cents to the click which might be acceptable. I wouldn't say that the ebook is too far overpriced, then again I don't know what is in it.
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    It's not the price, it's the lack of targeted traffic.
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    Increase share for affiliates. Also exit pop with discount.
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    I have found that prices that ends with $7 tends to work well - if it's not too expensive and you have good traffic / affiliate share, then it'll work.
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    Myrna, the price is im$portant, but your
    copy and strategy can make a larger
    difference in conversions.

    Try to funnel your interested prospects to a
    squeeze page, so you can build a
    relationship and continuously sell your
    product to them... This way, not all 500 will

    You may even segment the list and see who
    doesn't buy, and then send them a
    "downsell", which may be a reduced
    product at a lower price.

    Winston Tian
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    There are so many reasons why your product may not be converting.

    I’ll talk about the sales page. You need to test different headlines and sub-heads. You’re going for a question in your headline.

    Try using a “How To” headline and then open with your question in the deck copy. I see your trying to get them into the yes mode, that’s good.

    Make sure in your body copy you answer your prospects objections. Let them know what the book is going to do for them. Let them know why they absolutely need to buy your book.

    I noticed you don’t have a P.S. Add a P.S. and sum up all your products benefits in the PS and everything your book is going to do for them. Your PS should be like a second headline. Restate your guarantee and risk reversal of ordering.

    Good luck,


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    In all my years on clickbank and success and a few failures.

    I have noticed

    People are willing to spend no more than $97 and not less than $40 or so.

    anywhere else, and people say TOO expensive or WHY SO CHEAP!

    however you are looking at it the wrong way, much more than things to think of than the price.

    just my 2 cents.

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