I need a good reliable Private Message Reader Program

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I downloaded "vBulletin PM Reader" trying to backup my PM's from the warrior forum, because my inbox is almost full. I keep getting this stupid "about:blank not found" error.

Does anyone know of a good PM reader that actually works. This one let me import teh XML file, but wouldn't let me read any of the messages once I had it imported.

Any help is appreciated. Thanks.
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    Why dont you just download them as a text file? I've been doing that with VBulletin for years and it works fine.
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      That is exactly why I want a PM reader. I don't want to deal with text files. I want to open one program and view them that way... in an orderly fashion.
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    You can't sort them out as CSV files or as XML files?
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      The PM Reader is nice. Pretty much what I want. I just can't get the damn thing to work. I tried putting it into a spreadsheet... but it wasn't as nice as that PM reader would have had it.

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