Clickbank rejected my product :-(

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Dear Warriors,

Clickbank rejected my product Video Scraper Plus with the reason "Click bank won't approve any product which are related to youtube"..but still i could see so many product in clickbank which are related to youtube..

Feel very bad now..
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    Is there a similar product to yours already selling through Clickbank?

    If so, ask why that product is approved and yours is not.


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    Assuming you are within the TOS of youtube, I would point out to whomever turned you down that they need to educate themselves on CB's newly updated rules.

    If I remember correctly, CB will now allow these sorts of products as long as they don't promote any methods that violate the sights TOS.
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    Remove all mention of YouTube from the sales letter and ask them to re-evaluate it. For example:

    Video Scraper Plus Module #4 – Youtube Bulk Upload – The Video Marketer's Dream...and change it to: Video Scraper Plus Module #4 – Video Bulk Upload – The Video Marketer's Dream (works with the #1 video sharing site online).

    Stuff like that. In the copy add an FAQ section with this question:

    Q: Will Video Scraper Plus work with YouTube?
    A: Yes!

    Don't give up. Ask ClickBank to work with you to get approved. You'll be surprised.
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    They do seem to have got very picky lately! They rejected one of mine for that reason too; and I also had one rejected because my email addie was not on the sales page - and that was never a requirement in the past!

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    You can embed them, but you can't take copyrighted video content and use it however you like, which is what scraping implies
    I'm sorry, but no it does not imply this. Just like c programming does not imply creating virus's or malware.

    'Scraping' is a long established technical term, not a blackhat term.

    Ask any computer science professor what scraping is - you won't get anything back talking about stealing copyrighted material.

    I don't think I have ever taken issue with anything you've said in the past (just the opposite probably), but I really have to do so here.
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    I would approach someone else in ClickBank. Maybe the person that you talked to is a MAD person or something like that.

    Try to talk to someone else. They MAY approve you.

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    Thanks a lot for your valuable suggestion.Planning to give a try again with the modification you have suggested..fingers crossed....

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