What Do You Mean by Debt?

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I see all the time posts and WSO by members who said they had debts of up to $100,000 before they got into IM. But most people with mortgages have much more debt than that.

I am wondering what do they actually by debt. Do you mean net debt rather total actual debt.

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    Most of those folks are probably referring to credit card debt for the most part.

    At least you can write off the interest on a mortgage .

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      Hi Derek,

      I had debts of $100,000 - on top of mortgage.

      In fact, I had to sell my house and was recommended to declare myself bankrupt since I still had $100k of debt after that. (WHY is a long story and doesn't matter anymore).

      So, I've used IM to get rid of $100K of credit card and loan debt.

      It took several years to do and if I listened to everyone else I wouldn't have done it - but it IS possible.


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