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I tried to list an info product on Ebay today and much to my chagrin discovered that all products listed in the information products category must now be listed in classified ad format.
I listed a physical info product just a couple of days ago in this same category and didn't have any problems.If I didn't know any better, it looks like ebay is once again cracking down on info product sellers.

My question then is what category do you list an info product in if you don't want to use the classified format?

This seems like a big obstacle to overcome for info product sellers.I'm also curious to know why ebay is no longer allowing the sale of information products through the fixed price or auction format.Perhaps they just have it out for internet marketers?
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    Yup, eBay officially hates downloadable info products on eBay.

    You have a few options:

    1) Convert them to 'physical' products by placing your info product on cd/dvd
    2) Sell them via a Classified Ad (no automated downloads though)
    or my favorite method
    3) Create a Classified Ad promoting your info products that you have set up outside of eBay and use the ad to steer people to your sales pages. Giving away a free report in your ad usually works.

    I use both 1 & 3 successfully.

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    They banned digital delivery a couple of months ago, for eBay categorys just list them in the appropriate niche. You need to make them into a physical product though.

    I just got my first Pay Pal dispute from selling them on eBay, the idiot never contacted me, the item arrived at 945 am then 14 hours later they are filing a dispute.

    Seems he bought another lesser priced info cd from another seller who had powerseller status and square trade and decided i was the easy target.

    most likely copied every thing from the disc then is going to return the product.
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      I don't think you understand....

      Even if you're selling physical info products (as i was trying to do) you can no longer list them in the information products category unless they are in the classified format.

      In other words, you can't list an information cd in the information products category as a fixed price or auction format.

      Here is the message I'm getting from Ebay when I try to list:

      Attention Seller!

      All listings that contain content that can be digitally downloaded or transferred must be listed in the Classified Ad format in the Everything Else>Information Products category. Please note that this category only allows for ad format listings. All listings for digital items outside of that category will be considered a policy violation.

      As of this past weekend, you could list items in the information products category in non-ad format listing form provided you listed a physical product.

      It appears you can't do that anymore!!!
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    Ahh, the books section.

    I guess that makes sense!

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