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Hi this may be an 'off the topic question' but:

For many "get back ex" websites, I see pictures and images of couples all happy, smiling, and hugging each other even though the products are meant for people that probably not that happy at the moment. That makes me confused b/c I'm actually making a website right now on that particular niche and I was thinking of rather putting pictures of couples, well "breaking up" and not in the best mood ever.

In your opinion, what do you guys think would be more 'effective' and 'suitable' for this kind of website:

a) images of happy couples or b) couples breaking up?

Thanks! :-)
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    I think people use the happy couples because they're selling idealisms, I mean that's why people are buying that particular be a happy couple again right? Then again negativity can sell too, why don't you try split testing it and post your results?
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      That's weird - why would anyone want to get back with their ex?

      The reason people usually split up is because one or other of them doesn't want to be with the other.

      It's not in anyones interest to try and get back with someone who doesn't want to be with them.

      Is there really a market for this? Wow.

      As for the images - they're selling the dream. No-one wants to be told they're a miserable failure or a loser, or that they should move on with their life and stop ruining it by ruminating over a previous relationship.

      If they're screwed up and thinking less of themselves because someone else doesn't want them - they'll eat up all that stuff about living happily ever after, so the pictures are just playing to that.
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    Hey, split testing and "idealism" is actually a great idea! Thanks... And lol yeah, it's actually a pretty big or popular niche on the internet if you type it in - thank you also! :-)

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