How to Find The Best Outsourcers

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HI Guys,

I know this question has possibly been asked dozens of times here, but I'll ask it again.

I'm trying bring on-board one maybe two outsourcers who can do the 'usual' stuff.(link building, article and press release submisssions, etc, etc),

I've been down the ODesk route, but I wasn't too impressed with my experiences there (although maybe I made the wrong choices in the first place )

From what I gather, many marketers have great success outsourcing to the Philippines, but I haven't found an efficient way to tap into that market.

Any suggestions, or advice?


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    This thread might help you Glen.

    I have found Elance to be worthwhile!
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    Have you tried They've got a good database of full time remote workers that you could choose from. You can browse by skill so you can only hire the specific ones for the job you need done.
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    Odesk all the way
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      Originally Posted by watsonovedades View Post

      Odesk all the way

      Yup... I second to that... But I always post my job as fixed price... it's better than the hourly contract..
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    Elance and fiverr....

    once you master these, and know what you need done, and learn how to explain your tasks like you are talking to a 5 year you can cut out 90% of your day to day boring routine tasks. :-)
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    I think elance is your best bet. The last dude I hired on Odesk totally blew me off (And I wasted $300 in fresh leads as a result) and the guy had a decent rating.

    Elance it is.

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    Recommended Odesk and fiverr
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    It's depend my your work.
    If I want quality work and want to hire specialist I go to
    (odesk is good for me because I love pay per hour )

    If I want normal work like proof reading, video recording, etc I using Fiverr
    (Almost $5 per job)
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    Micro job sites (Fiverr, Fourerr etc)

    If you've had bad experiences on oDesk, make sure you go for a contractor that has good references or positive ratings so that you know what you're getting.

    Maybe even check out the WSO section and see if anyone there is offering a service that you could use?
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    Hi Glen you can try these:

    traffic generation:

    marketing tasks:

    very affordable service:

    huge list of freelancers:

    for those on a budget:

    Get credits for future projects:

    Hope these help you out and all the best my friend!!!
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    Before I hire someone to work for me.
    I will see rating, past works, and interview them to proof they reach my expectation.

    Ask them good question in work field.
    Such as what is link wheel?
    Tell me about how to optimize good content for link building?
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    Full service IM firms may become too expensive to use.

    Have a guy/team for everything like copy, content, link building, seo etc. And then have a team of VAs to manage them. Will get better results and may even turn out to be a bit cheaper.
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    I have had mixed results with ODESK - dont go for the cheapest option is my advice, as a minimum I don't hire people with an hourly rate of less than $ get what you pay for!
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    I've had positive experience with oDesk so far ... 3/4 were hourly contracts, I've spent over $2,000 so far. I've soon discovered that people simply don't work well for $1/hour, so now I'm paying at least $3/ hour (usually around $4).

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