No Sense = No Cents

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Ok, so I bought into my first affiliate program, Im all excited sounds like the next best thing to sliced bread. I open it up and discover that it has not 1 but 2 different exciting things to sell. 1- I can market the same money making program 2- I can market the product that the program has intended me to sell and make millions.. lol
Ok getting past that it gives all these tools on how to market it, Articles, classifieds, blog posts etc... Im all excited I post post post copy and past crap for 3 days... Keep popping into CB to check my $$ and 0. 1 week has past posting posting blah blah... check $$ and 0. .. 2 weeks 3 weeks
$$ and 0..
Is there a real solution to marketing for the newbie? A method to bring the masses for the typical person with a 0 budget?
I am very sure many would like to know this secret.
Thanks to all you Gurus in advance..
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