Has anyone bought traffic? 10,000 for $10? is this good?

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hi ,

ive been reading on the forums that traffic can be purchased approx 10,000 visitors for approx $10 is this reliable?

has this been tested by anyone before on these forums?

does this results in clicks or signups?

i would like to know people's thoughts on this as im looking into purchasing this...
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    Hi Tuzic,

    You have to ask what type of traffic are you going to get for $10.

    When you consider that getting 'quality' people to your site is one holy grail of the Interent I'd be very surprised if you could simply purchase it for $10, whatever the hype might say.
    Getting converting traffic to a site takes effort, paying out $10 does not.

    All the best with your hunt though

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      waste of money, time, professionalism, and losing reputation...
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      Thats a waste of money so bin that idea and focus on geting just 2 new customers everyday that make you a cool $200... is $6,000 per month
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      Tested this on adsense and affiliate sites a couple years ago. No clicks and no conversions. Massive waste of money and time for me and others.

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    No.I think it is a complete waste of your time and money.The traffic you will receive from these is not targeted, meaning the people are not interested in what you have to offer = no sales.

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