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Firstly, this forum rocks - excellent marketing info here (I've actually made 2 purchases in a couple of hours).

I came here as a software developer looking for a bit of marketing info. My god, there is SO much more to this than I ever imagined.

When it comes to programming there's not much I can't do (sorry if that sounds a bit ego bloated - but hey, I know my stuff). When it comes to marketing I suck (really suck I've discovered since arriving here).

From what I've read here (I've read quite a lot), successful marketing sounds like a full time job and to be honest I don't think I have enough time to do all the 'split testing' and associated tweaking etc etc.

I have a ton of software that I have written and never released simply because of the associated marketing involved (I'm a developer not a marketer).

One of my online applications that may be of interest is a suite of free seo and domain information tools: - Free Webmaster Power Tools
(Any feedback greatly appreciated)

I have other tools, both online and stand alone applications which I'd really like to 'get out there', but like I said, I don't have the time to market them.

If anyone is interested in hooking up as a partner, give me a yell.
If you have an idea for a product, just ask.

I hope I haven't broken any posting rules (especially in my first post)?

Once again - this is a great forum!
I hope I'll be able to help out in any software related areas.

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    Hey Brad,

    welcome to the forum buddy...

    It's an awesome place to learn
    and network with like minded people
    so don't be shy man...

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    Hello Brad

    You might want to check the joint venture part of the forum. If your products are good I am sure you will find JVs.

    Also, make sure you have some software to handle commissions and everything related to affiliate marketing and you should be OK.

    Wishing u luck

  • Profile picture of the author David_Thompson
    What development languages do you
    have under you belt Brad?

    Sometimes the best way to get ahead
    is to partner up with someone that knows
    the parts you are not so strong with...

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      Thanks greenovi - I hope to release some of the new tools within a week or so.

      Pretty much all languages David.
      I don't do archaic languages like fortran etc, but apart from that, pretty much every language down to the assembler level.

      I agree with the partnering - marketing is not my here I am

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    Welcome Brad!

    Like I've been telling everyone...listen , watch or read everything that appeals to you abuot htis biz...wait, even read the will teach you how to recoegnize it in the future.

    If you'd like to get in on some teleseminars, you could start at:

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