Is Doing Seminars More Profitable Than Internet Marketing? What do you guys think?

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Hi warriors, it has been quite disturbing for me lately because I've discovered that about 20% of most business authors I know are more interested in selling high priced workshops and seminars instead of some real / groundbreaking internet marketing products.

While there is absolutely nothing wrong with that, it's kind of like you know... implying that seminars money are easier to make and also much more profitable than internet marketing.

For me, as long as the author is making far more money from his internet marketing business than his 'side-business' seminar, he or she is upholding their integrity by proving that their main expertise is still internet marketing but not running seminars.

But if I got a feeling that these authors are only making a 'mediocre to good' amount of money and just having a 'good amount' of knowledge regarding their main expertise and trying to pitch others with some high priced seminars,

it's kind of like you know... their main expertise isn't 'internet marketing' anymore. Their main expertise should be running a seminar business and doing public speaking...

OK, don't get me wrong here. While it is not illegal to do so, I believe as a business entity it is very important to preserve our professionalism and 'integrity' by delivering great value to our customers.

You see, 'walks the talk' and 'practice what they preach' means NOTHING if they are already making far more money from their workshop business than their main expertise and some people with a bigger frame on their mind tend to see it that way.

I don't mean to point or condemn anybody but as a consumer myself I know my rights very well and choose over my business associates very carefully.

So what do you guys think regarding the integrity of authors selling high priced workshops that makes you have a feeling that their seminar business is actually much more profitable than their main expertise?

This is not only related to internet marketing. It can be related to any expertise such as new business opportunities, real estate and ESPECIALLY STOCK TRADING: STOCK OPTIONS".

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    A lot depends on what your niche is and what your marketing mix is. If you do seminars, you can use them to drive traffic and business to your website, and you then use your website to drive traffic to your seminars. It makes a nice profit funnel.
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    Depends. If it is high priced it may be quite profitable. Keep in mind that running a seminar is not cheap. Not at all. On the otherhand you get a chance to hang out and exchange minds with people who are making real money on the net.
    It can also be a marketing tactic. get people in for a cheap or free seminar and then sell them your info product after the seminar. It's all business, but I hear you.

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