Twitter Auto Reply when people follow ?

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How do you send an auto-Reply thank you when people start following you on Twitter?
I don't see any settings in Twitter for that, yet I suspect its automated just from the way they come in when I start following someone.

I thought it was an email reply from an email client but they all look too similar to be that.
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    I was wondering about this also.

    It does not happen with each instance ... only with a few ... and oddly enough (or is it?) that it only occurs with Internet Marketers! hmmmmmmmm hehe
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    Hi Nathan

    Your spot on with that one!

    I get 500 automated direct messages a day, you may not be shocked to hear that i will only keep or click through to ten of those. Thats 490 a day of useless rubbish sent to my direct message folder.

    It makes me wonder why they cant spend five minutes thinking about it before they send it out!

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    I HATE auto-replies, honestly. They clutter up my inbox and make me miss the real DMs from people who actually want to ask me something.
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    thanks guys, this is very good info, been searching for it. I'm new to twitter hehe
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    Heya EdwardMoore. Thank you for the tip regarding Tweetlater I set everything up last night. However, it is not sending out the auto-DMs that I have tested. I've got it set up to auto-DM followers, even did the "Check for followers right now," but no dice. Just wondering if you had any tips or words of wisdom. Thanks in advance.
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    I use tweet Later it works great. I do not have much time to mess with Twitter but I usually try to follow 3-5 new people every day, I also retweet 2-3 tweets per day and make 2-3 of my own tweets.

    For this effort I get between 3-10 new followers per day. Each gets an auto dm from me thanking them for the follow and asking them what cool things they are doing.

    some reply some do not.

    my twitter following is not huge, but I am trying to build relationships not 1000's of followers that really do not care what I am doing.
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    Being new to this myself I am impressed with the ways you can use these tools. I agree with Mick many people do not know about auto responders and still might be impressed and you stay in their mind. I don't want to miss an opportunity.
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    I use tweetlater which sends out an autoDM to anyone who follows me. I don't automatically follow anyone, but I do automatically unfollow anyone who unfollows me.

    I get very few DM's daily so it isn't a problem.

    But I see a lot of people who complain about the autoDM who then use autoposting to repeat the same tweet numerous times a day
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    thanks for the tips will not use the auto follow back also am using plurk for across platform tweet
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    Auto-DMs suck. If you send me a sales pitch with a link I'm not clicking on it just out of principle. Let's talk a bit and get to know each other before you start spamming me with your sales links. And sending me an AUTOMATED message that says "thanks for following me let's get to know each other" just seems ironic.
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    How do you send an auto-Reply thank you when people start following you on Twitter?

    I would use socialoomph you can write one massage that will go direct to all your followers. When writing the massage keep it simple e.g. Hi thank for the follow I will be following u back, if you want to get to know me check out my website.
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    I don't get why you would want to activate that feature. It's annoying especially if it has links on it. But I guess a generic thank you wouldn't hurt. But you'll never know with Twitter's rules. They might see the auto DM as an abuse even if it's generic. I don't think the risk is worth it considering almost no one reads their DM's.
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    When I get an auto-response, I just shake my head, write the sender off as a Twitter newbie, and delete it (that's when I even bother to go into my DM folder, which is a rare occurrence because it's filled with spam).

    Lots of Twitter guides tell you how to send an auto-response, that you shouldn't make it commercial, just a friendly hi, etc., etc. The problem is that too many people now do this, making the whole DM feature functionally useless.

    If you really want to get to know your followers, send them a personalized @ reply that will show up in their stream. Take the time to respond to one of their posts. They'll actually see that, as opposed to a DM that will most likely not be read.
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    Great tool, thanks for the link!
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    I also use SocialOomph, I do use the DM, I don't try to sell them anything. I just invite them to my blog to learn more about and and Internet Marketing
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    @ Grayambition

    Thanks for the tip, I think it's a really good one. I've used twitter personally, and those automated messages look impersonal. I think just a simple auto-follow-back is ok. It's given me an idea about how to use the @ function - suffice to say that I think actually reading someone's tweet and responding to that is much better than auto -dm's. Yes, it's time consuming. But I've found that a bit of effort tends to reap much better rewards.
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    DON'T SEND AUTO-REPLIES...ICK! I don't care how much you personalize it, I'd rather NOT have my box filled up with pre-made responses, I rather you say nothing at all, you'll make me much happier that way. I've never clicked through to even someone's blog because I know you just "auto'd" me so you're not being personal, why should I be personal and check out anything of yours?
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    Well, I am new to tweeting but I like having the option to do auto-reply if needed. I am using Tweet Spinner because they have a great tool for generating keywords to find new followers with like interests....which is great when you are new....and they have the auto set up for blog posts which I love and need for a very active blog I am doing on my website. I think it all depends on who you are and how busy you are. I did an auto-reply thank you for new followers, I try to make it personable, but I don't plan to always use it and nor would I want to want to always/only get auto-replies back from everyone else. But auto reply is a great option when you are tight for time and have alot you want to share. It's all about balance , like everything in life.
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    I think some people are missing the point here. Within the IM niche, yes autofollowing is common place and can get annoying, but if you have a genuine unique niche and people are following you because they like your company, then autofollowing is both not very common with your users experience and is often very welcome.

    In one of my niche I actually get a thank you reply, to the automated thank you I send when they follow me ! Goes to show, we can not generalise this theme...
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    I'd like to know how too. If you get the answer please let me know how to do it to...thanks

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