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Can someone who currently uses GetResponse as their autoresponder please tell me if you can import a large list of subscribers without requiring a new double opt-in?

I searched for the answer on the forum but didn't see anything...
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    Hi Jack,

    I'm not a GetResponse user but I checked their support forum HERE

    and saw this...hope it helps.

    Confirmed Opt-In:

    Prospects can receive a confirmation email when they trigger the account via email or from your website. You have the option of choosing if they are to receive this or if they are NOT to receive it. However, if you are importing a list into the autoresponder (to receive messages or just into the database), the prospects MUST receive the confirmation email or the import feature will not work. You may create your own confirmation email or use the default one created by GetResponse.

    Because of the growing spam problem, GetResponse requires that all import subscriptions are confirmed before they are added to your account. After you import the list, an email message will be sent to each of your prospects asking them to confirm their intention to sign up by clicking on the URL or replying to the email message. When this has been done, the prospect will then be added to your account. Note, that when you are importing into your active prospects list emails, which are already on your mailing list (to re-add them into sequence), the confirmation is not required and they are automatically added to your account.

    GetResponse Support


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