Best way of getting traffic to squeeze page?

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In email marketing, the goal is to build your list. To do that, you need to get traffic to your squeeze page. Obviously having a well converting squeeze page is important, but I want to talk about traffic.

What is the best way of getting traffic to a squeeze page? Is it okay if my website is literally just a squeeze page and I create backlinks on other websites to that squeeze page? OR do I need another site (perhaps on the same domain as my squeeze page) with my own content that draws people into the squeeze page (e.g. a blog)? Personally, I think it would be easier to manage a 1-page site rather than a blog and the squeeze page, managing a blog is a task in itself. What's the best way to go here?
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    There are hundreds of ways, but what you want is what is best for your traffic.

    Personally I use PPV, Youtube, and handful of others.
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    I like social media marketing, a lot.
    You could just use the one squeeze page, with that, potentially.
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    I just want to know if I'll need to setup more than just the squeeze page. If I can generate good amounts of traffic to that page via external sources (videos, social media, PPC, etc) then I won't need another page like a blog or authority site.
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    to make another traffic source yourself to bring in traffic will take a lot of time. Consider media buying from the sites in your niche... that's the best advice anybody can give you. Find sites, contact, negotiate deals of banners, links etc...

    It also depends on the niche, for some of them ppc would be good...

    just an example: last month I negotiated a deal with one site that put my link in his main menu. I had 1,213 clicks with conversion rate of >8%, + I got a a laser targeted list now) hope it hepls
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    Actually I love social media traffic and search engine traffic where traffic = sales

    So try those 2 also u could do better


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    One of the best ways to get traffic is to offer to either BUY or PARTNER on major blogs that a have a product they sell. You then have your offer (squeeze page) on their own thank you page. The list you build from a thank you page are buyers. An opt in list of buyers is so much more valuable.

    Since you want to send directly to a squeeze page you'll need to try and purchase that real estate (their thank you page).

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    the best thing I can recommend to you is to write your squidoo lense, build backlinks to the lense and it'll rank in google page 1 and it'll get your squeeze page trffic.

    Don't forget to link the squidoo lense to the squeeze page by placing a link.

    IN short if you want traffic:
    do all things when it comes to traffic, all free traffic you know, etc.. but you just need to manage on how to do the mass promotion to get targeted traffic so you won't feel it's like a bad choice.. Otherwise it'll result profitable business to you (if you manage it well).
    Schedule when to post this, go to this forum several times in a day, etc.

    You get my point ,right?
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    Stick a link in your sig box for free, fast, targeted traffic.

    ...Providing it's in the Internet Marketing niche that is.

    James Scholes
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    There really isn`t any secrets to it

    You just have to get a plan together and stick to it each and every day and you will start
    to see results

    Start off using free traffic and then as you progress maybe throw a few paid methods
    in there as well

    Here are a few traffic methods to use to build your list

    solo ads
    ad swaps
    blog comments

    nothing ground breaking but the old school methods still actually work so don`t listen to
    anyone that tells you they don`t :-)

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    I need to rephrase my question.
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    I'm not sure If I understood your question..

    Anyway, I have my blog as my main domain and I set up squeeze pages by simply adding folders in my control panel.

    You do know that you will have more than just one squeeze page, right?

    best ways to get traffic?

    Start by blogging, putting a nice signature in your profile and start getting into discussions, you can do a little ad swaps here and there but don't rape your list with them.

    you can try and purchase one solo ad from Igor Kheifets.

    find a solo ad rolodex and check out the recommendations.

    go to yahoo answers and help people in your niche.

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    The best answer for you is :

    Create a blog and then use Pop up window to collect email!

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    - Do a free WSO that leads to a nice opt-in form
    - Make a guest post on someone's blog and refer back to the squeeze page
    - Solo ads - Buy 250 clicks for like $90 and if you have a well thought out email campaign + funnel structure you can make that back in a flash

    Hope that helped!
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    Building a list is easy - making money from that list is NOT that easy for 1 simple reason - selling from the Inbox is VERY hard. There is:

    1. Delivery Rates (does your autoresponder actually get to the Inbox and not Spam)
    2. Open Rates (how many people open your emails)
    3. CTR (how many of those that opened actually clicked on a link in the email)

    If you managed to get noticed between hundreds of other mails, and someone opens your mail and clicks on a link - you have to consider how to best sell whatever you are selling to that clicker (do you sell via Text Sales Letter, Video, Hybrid of both etc)

    Then you have to consider your follow up sequence - this is where most people get it wrong. After someone opted in to your list - provided that they did not buy anything in your funnel - what do you email them everyday that will keep them buying and keep them on your list?

    Spend some time and consider all the above before thinking about how to get the traffic - to get traffic is easy - to convert that traffic takes some planning

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    Warrior Forum Traffic Discussion is here:
    Build Your Viral Traffic Network!
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    Well you're squeeze page does have to tell them exactly why they're there and what to do next but actually getting them there is a different story.

    You have to be consistent with articles, videos, social media, and newsletters/blogs.
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    I used to have the same issue. I thought there was some magic formula! lol. But this is what I do when I drive traffic to squeeze pages:

    Optimize the Squeeze Page
    I always optimize the TITLE and DESCRIPTION tags with the proper keywords in the head of the page. Even before I upload the page I optimize the filemane with keywords as well. Adding your keyword(s) to the text in the body of the squeeze page is a must as well.

    Use Social Media to Drive Traffic
    Writing articles help to drive traffic to your squeeze pages. It helps to qualify the people who sign up on your squeeze page because they found the squeeze page through and article that caught their interest.

    Using Social Networks drive traffic as well. You can find people, groups and pages in almost any niche on FaceBook these days as well as groups that allow you to freely post what you're offering. FaceBook Ads are also an excellent choice. It's much cheaper than traditional PPC and gives you great targeting options so your ad will reach the right people.

    YouTube has been an awesome tool for me. Especially when building squeeze pages. What I do is upload the video I want on my squeeze page to my (or clients) YouTube channel. I make the video the featured video and use keywords in the title and description of the vid. I also add the link to what the video is promoting at the beginning of my description and use keywords to tag the video as well. You can even get a lil fancy and add links right onto your video. Then I go out and find other videos that are in the same niche as mine and leave positive by making a rely video. You don't have to stay limited to YouTube. There are other great video sites out there as well.

    I also use Sponsored Tweets on Twitter. I've driven traffic from Twitter like this surprisingly with decent success. I was skeptical at first, but hey, don't hate it if it works! lol.

    Using a Blog
    A blog falls under Social Media but I wanted to separate this for you. I like using a technique that helps to funnel visitors to the site right to the squeeze page. I build a Wordpress site with links. One link goes to my blog posts. Another link goes to an information page and the last link goes to the actual squeeze page. I design them for search engine inclusion by the way I name and optimize the pages, links, posts and categories. I do suggest you give the blog some attention. You'll need to make posts with valuable information. I say post on it at least twice a week. You can write them and schedule them to post when you want so you don't spend so much time writing. You can also hire someone to write them for you. $25 will get you 5 posts from places like Fiverr.

    I really hoped this helped ya. Trust me, I've been there and now know that there is no magickal secret, it's just simply knowing the tools you have and seeing which ones work for what you're doing! :-0)
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    I think social media marketing and posting in forums will work well for you.
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    The purpose of building a mailing list is to make money!

    It is NOT about giving away free content. You cannot make money from a crowd of freebie seekers, right?

    So, how to drive traffic to squeeze page?

    My #1 source are Solo ads, then Forum marketing, e.g Digital point forum.

    Sign up and after 25 posts you can go to the cheap stuff section in that forum and post a link to your squeeze page and get subscribers to join your list.That particular internet marketing forum gets alot of traffic daily and i have had lots of daily sign ups as a result.

    then social media + viral marketing, blogging

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    Forums are a very easy way to get traffic. Create a stand out signature that will make people curious has to what you are selling

    Social Media is such a powerful too. Get involved with Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. Creating content that can go viral, is one of the fastest ways to get traffic.

    What ever method you choose, make sure to keep expanding and try new ways - this way not all your eggs are in 1 basket

    Hope you found this post useful

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