How can I turn $100 into $1000 in 30 days?

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Here is the deal; I have a $100 and I have 30 days to make $1000!

Nothing is off limits, so please; make any suggestion, no matter how crazy it is.

I can do videos, but what would they be about.

Here is what I have to work with
Paypal account
eBay account
Camtasia Studio 3

Thank you, Tony
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    Offer to make videos for marketers as part of a video marketing campaign? Charge maybe $20 each?

    That may not get up to $1000 but you could do that along with something else...
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      I would setup some blogs and review a few clickbank products that pays a minimum of $30. Use the $100 to order some articles at may be $3 a piece. That may get you around 33 articles.

      Submit them to ezinearticles with a link back to your blogger blogs. Once they are approved submit the to the other top article directories linking back to your review pages.

      In the mean time make power point presentations and record them with Camtasia Studio 3 and submit them to the top video sharing websites.

      If done correctly you will make a lot more than $1000 in 30 days good luck.
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    I can do basic videos, but I would not call my self a video professional. But, there is no reason not to try of course.

    I’ve been looking into the more local search market on Google, for example:
    If someone types “Dog training Somewhere Texas”, and approach the local businesses.

    The mind can do amazing things, if you let it think the idea and then just implement the best plan you have.
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    $100 in a targeted PPC campaign can make you great money through clickbank.
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      If you are not experienced with ppc you can lose that in the blink of an eye

      Originally Posted by cougarstylie View Post

      $100 in a targeted PPC campaign can make you great money through clickbank.
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    I will buy a $10 hosting account and create several websites to promote a video creation service while creating several videos that promotes different affiliate products and the video creation service then submit the videos to video sites.

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    You could do what yesacpow suggested and add squidoo, hubpages,, all linking back to your main blogger page to increase your ranking.

    Use to put your videos out to multiple services and also place your video on your main blogger blog with the link to your clickbank or other affiliate offer.
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      Be aware that you can make the $1000 without necessarily spending the $100, meaning be careful not to fall into the "throw money at it" trap.

      Obviously investing $$$ in your venture is the right way to go. What I'm saying is watch that you don't find yourself looking to just throw your Ben Franklin into something on the hopes that the cosmos will reward your investment - make sense?

      Camtasia will do not only screen cap vids but will import vids from any hand held recorder. So what kind of stuff are you good at dude?

      Home improvement vids are in demand.

      It's spring in most climates, meaning gardening basics on video might also sell rather well.

      Take what you get here and then run a 30-minute mindstorm session, also called an idea juicer. Just sit down and type into a word doc for 30 minutes making a bullet list of all possible ideas.

      Lay down anything that comes to mind and don't judge the ideas until after your list. I've done this many times when I needed an extra $1k, $3k, $10k, or whatever and it's a great exercise.
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    I'll say you do this:

    Day 1 to 3
    Research on ebay about what "video products" and "info products" are good sellers
    Check if you can create videos about it

    Day 3 to 7
    Create videos about what you have found.

    Day 8 to 10
    Offer your videos as info products on ebay to see how you do.
    Offer them with a low price starting bid if you see bids up thats a good sign

    Day 11
    Evaluate the first results. If you get sales and good comments you can go to make your own site. Normally with a bigger price.

    If your results aren't good try to find out what went wrong
    - Was the starting price right? Was it too low or too high?
    - Did you had a good sales letter?
    - Someone ask for a refund? Maybe you need to "refine" your product a little more

    The great thing about this system is that you don't need too much time or money to test.

    If you have good results in ebay you can move to your own site. However you can also simply duplicate the system and create more products.
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    How about a video on simple poker strategies....
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    PPC can burn through money to fast, whether it’s $100 or $1000. I’ve tried a little of it in the past and was not impressed. If I had my own product, I would use it and build a list.

    My own e-book product would take more then 30 days to do and over the $100 budget, it might not even sell, so I will review other successful products already on the market

    I’m going to start building a list and website based on my video reviews of e-books or money making programs.

    I would also like to do pod cast or video interviews of Internet marketers/ successful business people.

    Source or income would be affiliate links.

    Will checkout Tubemogul, squidoo, hubpages.

    I’ve used Wordpress before, never tried the back linking really hard, just put website and used PPC for traffic.

    The free traffic is the best, it cost me nothing.

    Will keep everyone up to date on my progress, Tony.
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    Actually there is no fixed way, by which you will be able to earn this amount within the scheduled time. You must need to take the risk. There may loss. Such as if you invest in the Forex to earn the amount you can success or, you may loss the main investment. So there is no exactly such way which you want. Thanks a lot.
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    You could make videos for companies (I mean off line services).
    You could use the internet marketing to promote your activity!

    How to do?? Use social networks, open a site/ blog and do some advertising like PPC.

    If you don t like offline work you could do videos by yourown and sell theme throught your portal in the way I write here above.

    Otherwise you could earn money using traditionale IM methods:
    affiliations, CPA, AdSense..........
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    Buy cheap domains and sell them at high price
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    Running an online business is all about testing. This takes either time or money. You will not be able to test a lot and gain experience with only $100.

    I'm not telling you that no one can do it. It's just that someone who does not have any plan, experience, knowledge and money can't do it in 30 days.


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      SPAM REPORTED... at least someone noticed!
      This is a 2009 thread - the latest of dozens of threads being bumped recently.

      Posting "helpful answers" without reading the thread you are posting in - doesn't make you look 'knowledgeable'....

      The mods removed the spam post - but by then others are piling on because the threads are not being locked and so many here seem to be rushing to "provide good answers" without reading what they are responding to.
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    Learn how to middle man a logo company or website company and sell some packages.. spend the $100 on food or drink to get the job done
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    If you're adept at ranking Youtube videos, you can create them (at no cost) and optimize for local keywords.

    Your $100 will go into backlinking your videos at $5 a pop on Fiverr. Assuming you pay $5 to backlink a video, you will have 20 videos out there with a high probability of ranking.

    Once you have the videos ranking, you just need to go all out and contact as many businesses as you can about purchasing and/or renting them. With the right niches, you should be able to easily charge $200-$300 per month, so all you'll need is to get 5 businesses on board and you should have $1000 per month recurring, and hopefully this will motivate you to go all out the following month and scale up your campaign.

    Originally Posted by Tony6597 View Post

    Here is the deal; I have a $100 and I have 30 days to make $1000!

    Nothing is off limits, so please; make any suggestion, no matter how crazy it is.

    I can do videos, but what would they be about.

    Here is what I have to work with
    Paypal account
    eBay account
    Camtasia Studio 3

    Thank you, Tony
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      Paulie888 -

      All the OP needed was your signature.

      But he needed it back in 2009 - which is when he posted what you are quoting.

      Now it's just getting funny....
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    Hey yesacpow,

    Seriously? When i started my IM career, i thought of doing the same which you suggested like writing lots of articles and submit them to ezine and promote clickbank products. Before i was about to start, i started contacting authors who have already contributed lot of articles at ezinearticles because most people stopped after publishing a few thousand articles.

    So, i started to get a doubt on it whether this method really works or not. Anyways, later when i was a newbie, i made thread asking about the same, and for which Alexa Smith, replied to my thread saying, most people gave up because they didn't find it productive. But i didn't know still whether it works or not.

    I am curious to know about you, is it still working for you? As i can see, your last published article was on Jun 2014. Its like more than an year since you submitted your last article.

    I would like to hear from you of what made you to stop writing for ezinearticles..
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    Forget about the $100. That's a distraction. Buy yourself lunches with it.

    Get ONE local video marketing client. $1000 is nuthin' in the real world.
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    Take that $100 go buy some online course to learn a skill, make sure the skill is something that solves a problem, or creates ROI for client. Bang on doors until your knuckles bleed, remember marketing begins with the customers needs in mind or some bullshit like that
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    @nocturnal911 Four consecutive posts, that too, exactly the same.
    Get a better Internet connection, and keep your hand off the mouse.

    It's an old thread, sure, but I found it interesting. It's not just about the OP; rest of us have similar problems too.
    As such, I agree this thread needs to be locked, but some kind of arrangement should be made that people keep seeing them - perhaps creating a 'old is gold' subforum and sticky'ing these over there?


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