How Feasible is it to a Make a Living Online...

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by simply Creating Websites, Ranking them High in the SE's for expensive keywords, getting them good PR, and then selling them?

For example:

If I create a site targeting the keyword of, I dunno, "Best baby diapers"

now let's say there's 20 competing Ads for that keyword on Adwords, and the average CPC is $2-$3 a click (so let's say these Advertisers are spending $10-$20,000 a month to advertise for a high traffic keyword)

Now if I spend a year developing the site, getting it ranked in the Top 3 of Google for "best baby diapers" and manage to get it a PR of 4 - 5...

Would it be possible to sell that site later for enough of a ROI to justify a living of it? Assuming you do this over and over for multiple sites?

Basically, is there money to be made by building websites to target keywords with a high ad-base also targeting them?
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    I don't think so.

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      Of course there is....

      This is especially true if you can show a history of the sites bringing in some type of revenue.
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      re your title
      How Feasible is it to a Make a Living Online...

      Same as making a living any other way.

      If you want to do well at it, takes work, research, dedication, like any career. Some of us do quite well out of it its more than worth the effort.

      Like anything, depends on how bad you want it.

      Me? I couldnt live any other way!

      I see my girls more than any other Dads I know, and generally speaking can provide for them more than most as a bonus.



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