How To Get HTML Or Url From PDF File?

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What's up warriors. I've been stuck on this task that I spent a lot of time last night searching on Google for an answer I can't seem to locate.

I currently have a couple PDF files as Ebooks attachments. And what I'm trying to accomplish is wanting to get a URL or HTML from my PDF as a webpage where I can put url in the address bar.

I'm using open office 3.4.1 and I exported my PDF's to Adobe Reader. And I'm having a hard time trying to find a way to get a URL from my files as a webpage.

Any tips would be appreciated. Hope I didn't confuse anybody.
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    Not quite sure I understand your question, the way that you worded it. Are you asking how to upload the PDF to your server, and then hyperlink to it?

    If so... then assuming that you named the PDF "MyEbook", and you uploaded it to the public_html folder, you would be able to access it at...

    And to hyperlink to it via HTML...

    <a href="">Click here for my ebook</a>

    Is that what you're trying to do?
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    You must upload your pdf document to a website and leave it there. Being at a website is what creates its URL.

    A minute ago I created a pdf file and called it testapdf.pdf. I then uploaded it to one of my websites. The URL is then http:// the name of the website (dot)com/testapdf.pdf

    So it looks like this (without the spaces)...
    http:// www. donschenk . com/testapdf.pdf

    See it here...


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