Do u have a good SEO Knowledge and a sexy Voice?

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I want to make a video for my SEO site using the Camtasia Studio 5. But my problem is I am not good in English coz English is not my mother language. So I need a person who makes the Video for me. No need to face the Camera I need just Screen Video like Mouse cursor is moving and u r describing every points.

- At first I need total 2 video.
- First One is WHAT IS SEO and another is about my site and services.
- I prefer USA or UK person.
- Must be good knowledge about SEO.
- U must have the ability to describe as like as advertisement.
- Video duration maybe 8 to 12 min each.

I think that’s all.
I will send u the URL after contact with me. Plz inform me with your price. U can PM me or live a post here or add me in your yahoo < bdariyes >

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