If I give you $10,000 could you Double my Money with Listbuilding?

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Ok, this is just a hypothetical question. I won't give anyone my money but I'm hoping to get some input with this question.

The thing is investing money and making a return on it within a year is a good thing. You know the banks hardly give any interest anymore on your savings. 3% max these days here.

So, what happens when you invest $10,000 in building a list?

- I hear people say your subscriber can be worth $1 a month or more. So if I spend $1 to acquire a subscriber then I could break even after a month.

- So, if I want to double my money within a year I could pay up to $6 per subscriber and then at month 6 I will break even and have another 6 months to continue to earn $1 per subscriber to double my money. Right?

Your list is yours for years to keep, it's not flying away. If you write an email for 10 people or 100.000 people it's actually the same, but it's way better value for time I might think

So, even $6 per subscriber is cheap I think. Getting to breakeven with a business within a year is just amazing. Profit will come there after.

So, what do you think?
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    Yes of course. I'd spend $1000 on a perfect site. I'm talking custom theme, excellently written professional sales page/OTO/Upsell/Downsell. Get a flawless sales funnel happening. I'd make a product myself. Spend probably two months doing that. $47 product with an actual value of over $300. Spend the $9000 on PPC and other advertising because I know I'll make profits.

    I'd have your $20,000 within 6 months easily.
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    Yep, I think you could double your money within a year.

    You would have to get the best of every component (eg copy writing, Autoresponder sequence, etc) but it is totally possible.

    If you change your mind and want to give me your cash, then feel free to let me know!! ;-p
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    Wait, theres something I don't get. If all of you guys can double $10,000 in a year (or at least say you can), then why don't you go, get a $10,000 bank loan and double it. You'll be able to pay the bank back + interest and still have $9,000 plus for yourself... if it is that easy, then why don't you all just go do it?
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    With 10k to spend if your not breaking even after 6 months there is something up, you can get the best of everything to get everything in place within a few months, then reap the rewards from there.

    If I were you this is what I would invest in:

    Top Mentor that is up to date.
    Unique and pro looking site.
    Product Creation.
    Content Creation.
    Sales Funnel.
    Top Copywriter.
    Small Team of Outsources to suit business needs.
    Highly Targeted Traffic.

    Looks more than it is much of it wont cost much, the most expensive would be a top mentor, but that will work for you a long time into the future.
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    Yes, I think you could through solo ads.
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    You could do alot of damage and make alot of money with $10k. If it were me... the day after i get the $10k, my aweber account (overnight) would say 300 subscribers.
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    Here's what I would do...

    1. Go to Mailing List Finder -- Search & Compare Mailing Lists and find recent hot buyers lists
    2. Find several products in that market which range in price from $19.99 up to $499
    3. Contact those product owners and negotiate a better commission
    4. Setup a free recorded message (Old school)
    5. Direct qualified prospects from recorded message to my website (landing page)

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    With 10k, I'd hire the most elite team of copywriters to make me an autoresponder series so amazing that it vacuums money from the email subject alone.
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    As all the others Have said but if it where me id take 1k of that to use on building the list and put the other 9 on Black and spin the wheel.
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    I'd buy a solo ad from Ronnie Montano. He has one of the biggest IM list out there. He has consistently outsold everyone for the past 6-9 months of product launches.
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    I always see threads like this and the response is just as every other shiny object saying it's easy and not a risk. I'm really starting to get discouraged with this forum

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    I could turn that $10,000 to $100,000 in one year, sure.
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    I have no doubts I could at the very least break even with the $10k at the end of the 2nd month (without a list). First month creating a wanted product, second month sales, third month forward all profit...

    Don't get me wrong, the list is worthwhile for future sales, but not a deal breaker to get a return on the original $10k.
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    It's pretty damn easy to make money online these days. So why isn't everyone rich?

    Everyone is so damn lazy and afraid to put in work. They doubt themselves and they don't take action (thankfully... I don't want anymore competition). If you don't wake up and realize the amazing opportunity you have with this thing called the internet, then maybe you should quit now and surrender your life to the 9-5 world.

    Some people get it and other people try and keep others from getting it. You can easily double or triple that 10k investment, if you know what you're doing. It's not that hard to figure out. The internet is full of free information that can answer any question you have about this business. If you can't succeed in this day and age. You will never succeed.

    Scared money doesn't make money. Take an educated risk that could improve your life a million times over. What's the worse that could happen? You don't sell any product and lose all that money? The experience you will gain for even doing it will be worth more than 10 thousand dollars. You will learn from your mistakes and come back stronger. 10K isn't a lot of money when you think about it. Yet it's more than enough to start your internet marketing career. But almost everyone here is scared to spend $9 to register a domain. So i'll say it again, Scared money doesn't make money. Believe in yourself and make that educated risk. It could pay off a million times over...

    Or just sit there twiddling your thumbs hoping a bag of money falls from the sky on to your lap.

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