The problem with "dumbing down" the average internet marketer.

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Simple is better right?

Not always.

The internet marketing and "make money on the net" niche is filled with illiteracy, laziness, and down right ignorance.

Many people write in their sales letters that that is a good thing.

They tell their clients that they can be illiterate and lazy stay in bed and be brain dead and run an internet business and make money...

And once in a blue moon they are right.

However, the majority of would be website business owners are stunting their own growth and progress because they have been taught that everything should be simple and that they should not have to do more than wiggle a pinky to create a website.

There are some things that if you want to accomplish them require knowledge, skill, and work to execute.

There is no easy button to becoming an astronaut and there is no easy button to becoming a Dr.

There are plenty of easy buttons for internet business but a refusal to become educated on some of the basic principles can inhibit true growth and massive success.

If you want to truly emulate the most successful you need to roll your sleeves up and learn a little html understand some basic principles of design, practice writing copy and joint venture proposals, understand what laws govern your business etc.

Or you have to hire someone to do all those things for you and then hope you can find someone smart enough to help you manage them.

I get too many dumb questions from the IM market... and I mean really dumb like "does html work with xsite pro?"

Stupid stuff.

Most of my clients are professionals outside of IM and many are pros inside IM but the "make money" crowd generated from IM's deviant work teaching people that lazy and stupid is ok is beyond comprehension.

In the US one of the biggest social issues is education... our society works hard to stress the value of knowledge.

Even those like me who learned most of what they know outside of formal education know the value of knowledge and specialized skills.

Math, Science, Medicine... there is no easy button...

Most people running successful businesses on the internet are not sitting in bed brain dead contrary to popular belief.

They study, learn, and apply specialized skills and knowledge.
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    You couldn't me more "right on!".

    Many IMrs develop sales pages or "train" their clients to believe in the "push button here to spew money" glory that "can" be IM. It is not the truth in the vast majority of cases.

    Much of my income comes from website development. I've learned over the years, that if my would-be clients think that they can pay me to put up a website and watch their PayPal grow, I respectfully decline their work. If they don't have (or pay me to develop) a well-constructed plan for traffic building, promotion, customer care, fulfillment, list building/marketing, etc. (whether self-delivered or outsourced), I walk away.

    We (IMrs) could be hurting ourselves by promoting the "push button" ease that this industry is touted to be sometimes.

    Great post.

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      Josh, I so want to believe what you are saying.

      And then I get emails like this...

      "Look, I don't have a lot of money or time. I just want a quick and easy way
      to make a few bucks online. I don't have time to learn all this crap. Just give
      me something where I can copy and paste some ads and push a few buttons.

      Sure, I get some great emails too, emails from people who tell me that they're
      willing to do whatever it takes. But those are few and far in between.

      Maybe I just have to hang out with a higher class of prospect.
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    You couldn't be more right. There CAN be ways to be lazy by working smarter and there's always easier ways to do things. But if you don't have the specialized knowledge to understand the things your trying to simplify then you'll never be able to do it.

    Internet Marketing is like a learned trade just like any other specialized skill or trade you would study or go to school for. It takes a lot of time and effort to get to that level from apprentice to foreman.

    As Josh said you don't just wake up one day and become doctor.

    Well said Josh!

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