in the Warrior's code there's no surrender!

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I just heard this on the radio on my journey back from school and thought of this place!

I thought it may inspire a few fellow warriors who feel like giving up or you're just feeling down today! It can be tough building our dreams and achieving financial freedom. I hope the words in the song especially from 2.00 minutes onwards inspire you this morning. They certainly have me over the years and especially this morning when I felt a little down.

Enjoy, Mikey

Some of the best lyrics for me in the song:

"Bravely we hope against all hope, there is so much at stake, seems our freedom's up against the ropes"

In the warriors code there's no surrender. Though his body says, "Stop" his spirit cries, "Never"

"Deep in our soul a quiet ember knows it's you against you - It's the paradox that drives us on."

"It's a battle of wills, in the heat of attack, it's the passion that kills. The victory is yours alone."

AND if you really want to be inspired, listen to Tony Robbins talk about Sly Stallone's struggle for success!

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    Also there is a difference between money making and money chasing that every body miss!
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    Cool! It can be an ice-breaker amid the hustle and bustle of IM life.

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