Bum Marketing Methods - Write How Many An Hour??!!

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Hey all,

I have read bum marketing methods a few times now and still can't grasp how to write 5 articles an hour. I have only been at this for a little over a month now and can manage to pump out 3 articles an hour. I have a total of 17 live articles on ezine, and 15 pending, plus I have 5 more waiting once I get some approved.

Can someone shed some light on how to become a faster writer? I know writing is a personal thing and everyone has different styles and what not but still there has to be a method to mass produce articles on the scale Travis is talking about. I know about out sourcing but I prefer to write my own...for now. Maybe the more you do it the faster you get?

I find all of my keywords first and then sit and write, but like I said I can only pump out 3 an hour.

Any advice?


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    I personally think that three an hour is plenty. Heck, three a day is plenty in my book!

    I wouldn't worry too much about it, but if you want to pump out 5 an hour, just remember that you can quickly and easily sacrifice quality for quantity when you're talking about writing that fast...and that is something you DON'T want to do.

    Allen Graves
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      You don't need to write 5 an hour - if I did 5 every hour I'd burn out very quickly. Alot of people advocate quantity when it comes to bum marketing but I say quality is a whole lot better. You can hit the jackpot with one single article and earn $500 a month from it - 20 crappy articles and you may only earn $50 a month.

      Focus on testing things such as style, titles, resource boxes etc and once you get good at article marketing you won't need to write so many to do well.
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    Allen's right - it doesn't come down to how man you do an hour. It's so much more about consistency. I have a customer who orders 10, 250 word articles about internet marketing. This is a topic I'm pretty knowledgeable about - so it only takes me about 1 hr 15 mins to fill this daily order. Seems like a very short time but I am not this fast for topics I'm not that familiar with because then I have to factor in all the research.

    Anyway - now I'm starting to ramble

    The point is, I know Allen and Steven Wagenheim will agree when I sum up by saying - if you consistently put out 3 articles a day you're far ahead of everyone else who put out one or less per day. Thinking on the bright side, to get to this ideal spot - all it takes for you is one hour a day.

    Keep pumping out three a day and watch the clicks start flowing in

    Hope this all made sense in the end,

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    I think you are doing fantastic! Pumping out an article every 20 minutes is great. I can write articles rather quickly, but I admit, I burn out after a few hours. I have to take a lot of breaks in between.
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    If you focus more on the traffic each article can generate from the directory to your site, I think it takes the pressure off in terms of quantity. Personally, instead of writing 2 articles say in an hour, I'll take more time on one, but make sure it has the best title I can think of and the best ending. In my opinion, those matter the most when your focus is on CTR. The results can be dramatic. I have an article with about 13,500 views at EZA, but a horrible 3% CTR. Something like 450 click-thrus. One of my more recent articles, where I really took the time to come up with a great title and an ending that really entices people to click thru to learn more, has a 26% CTR.

    I guess if you have lots of time to spend writing, go for both. Get good at coming up with intriguing titles and cliffhanger endings and pump out all you can. I wish I had 8 hours a day. If I could get 26% CTR on every article with that kind of time to invest, I'm pretty sure I could quit my J.O.B. by year's end. Sigh.

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      Thanks John,

      It has taken me some time but I am getting better at becoming up with original and enticing titles and content.

      I'm finding the more I write the better I become.
      I wish I had time to write all day but I don't.... I doubt anyone really does, things tend to get in the way.



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