Applying the "Science of Networks" to Internet Marketing

Profile picture of the author Aaron Moser by Aaron Moser Posted: 04/07/2009
Hey Warriors,

I was watching the Science channel the other night and they were talking about the science of networks. This is a paradox that's always fascinated me and it was all explained so eloquently in this documentary I watched.

As an SEO guy this got me thinking about internet marketing and I can clearly see how it applies to things like link building, marketing, JV's, etc.

Networks in the internet marketing networks are all around us... the more we understand how networks actually work the more of an edge we have in business. Most of it is common sense but it's nice to see science finally breaking new ground in their understanding of how nature forms networks.

Here's some more info about the topic.. It's worth checking out.

Network science - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

How Kevin Bacon Cured Cancer | Gephi

See the video "how kevin bacon cured cancer part 3" on the page above to see how this new science can apply to networks on the internet.

The key to networks are the hubs. Without them the whole infrastructure collapses.

It's pretty interesting stuff...

Let me know what you thought,

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  • Profile picture of the author Aaron Moser
    Aaron Moser
    Maybe I posted this too late last night... I thought someone would find it interesting. It's groundbreaking stuff!

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