Joint Venture Help Please - I've Never Done It Before

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Here's the skinny...

I have a product I'm going to launch sometime in October. I contacted someone in my niche (only they are more general where my product is specific) and asked if they thought my product was a good fit for their visitors, and if so to email me (they have the list, I have the product).

Here's the problem...

I've never done a "joint venture" before. This person emailed back that yes, my product would be a good fit. So...what do I do now? I want to get back in touch quickly with my offer, and I want to do it "right" (if there is such a thing) but I feel like such an idiot at the moment. <blush>

Here's my question...

What do I say? What do I send?

Thanks for overlooking my ignorance and thanks for your help with this.

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    Hi Tina,

    Look for Michael Cheney. I think he's a member here on WF, but you can google him as well. I believe he has some good information on Joint Ventures.

    And if you send me a PM with an email addy, I'll give you some articles I have on how to create JV's. They might be of some help to you.

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    Focus on the benefits your partner can get. Don't make the deal lopsided to YOU, especially if you are a total unknown.

    And most of all, keep your hands clean. I've been scammed in JV's before. Now I'm seeing some of those people get their just desserts LOL

    Let down your guard and you'll be eaten.


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