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Hi all,

I'm after some advice.

Two weeks ago I discovered (courtesy of Google alerts) that one of my ebooks I sell for $37 is available for free on

Long story short...

I've contacted them twice using their contact details on the site and have had no response or acknowledgement from them.

A 'Whois' search wasn't much use either.

Has your copyrighted material appeared for free on a site? If so how did you get it removed?

Should I even worry about it?

All thoughts gratefully received.

Kindest regards

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    I had a lot of success with DMCA.

    I also got a couple of sites taken offline by contacting the hosting companies.

    You should always be able to find out who hosts a site. Sometimes it takes a bit of digging though. Try a reverse IP lookup and you might find who else is hosted there.
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    I would look up their host (usually simple - just go to and serve a DMCA notice on them by email, sending copies of that email to "admin", "info" and "support" at the site-domain.

    If it's a US host, that will almost certainly work. Even if it isn't, if it's a reputable host it'll probably work. If it's an unethical and/or stupid host in a strange country, it probably won't.

    Originally Posted by Marcus Santer View Post

    Should I even worry about it?
    I don't know. I would worry about it.

    On no account listen to people telling you that you're not losing anything "because people who take illicit free downloads were never going to be paying customers anyway". Unfortunately that isn't true at all. The world is full of people who, when they want to download something, will look around for a "free copy" of it first from a black-hat/torrent/file-sharing site or anywhere else, and then buy it only if they can't find one. :p

    Good luck, Marcus.
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    Do the above. File a DMCA with their host. Works for me most of the time and sometimes even when the host is not in the US.
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    Thanks for the helpful replies everyone.

    Very much appreciated =)

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    Turns out is hosted by but when you type in you get:

    "opps google chrome cannot find

    How can a site be hosted by site that doesn't exist?

    I really don't want to pay $199 unless I absolutely have to.

    Any thoughts?

    Thanks again for your help.

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    I found it
    Dedicated Managed Hosting Services by WebZilla

    Comment: Any complaints please send to ""
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    Suzanne, you rule!

    I've been looking for a suitable DMCA takedown notice, but they all seem to relate to copied text. My problem is a copied book.

    Do you think it would be okay to modify the one here (at the bottom of the page)?

    What You Can Do About “Paypal Dispute Ripoff Artists” | Domaining Diva

    Thanks everyone.

    Kindest regards


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