Methods for IM for a newbie?

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I am a little confused between which is the best method for a newbie to get into IM:

Method One:
Choose a sub-niche and do a site about it (ie: instead of digital cameras, then only a site one camera type, or whatever) and make money via adsense or being an affiliate for one product?

Method Two:
Choose a broad topic (ie: adult acne) and do a product review site and being an affiliate for many products?

Not sure which direction I should be heading in.

Thank you for any advice anyone may have!

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    At first i suggest go only with one product. Try to find a niche that you know something about or you just like it, and then try to find a product and promote as an affiliate.
    You should make some kind of a business plan, like what is your audience, what type of advertising will you use and also try to set weekly goals, like "this week i want to make 10 sales" or something like that.
    Next step is to make a blog, make a review of your product and post it. then bookmark the site to all the famous social networking sites like digg, technorati etc..
    Start writing articles in your niche that are related with your product and offer the product as a solution. You can also try and make a squidoo lens, that helps too. In your blog try to put some part of the articles you write just to keep your blog updated all the time. this is a good start
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    This is just my opinion, but I say go for the first option. Pick a specific product/niche and make a detailed website or blog about it. The more content the better is what I have personally found out. Make a lot of good content and focus on helping your readers. If it looks like a sales page, your visitors will realize that. So make the site focused and helpful while still getting in a subtle sales pitch.
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      Tiff, I wouldn't recommend either because you're choosing a "gimmick"
      rather than building a real business. But if you're limiting yourself to these
      two choices, I'd choose method A because it is more highly targeted and
      you'll probably have more success with it, though I have seen people do
      very well with method B. Problem is, I don't know how experienced these
      people are to begin with. I have a method B site that does very well, but
      I've been doing this for 5 years.

      If you have the time, work on an actual business plan. If you don't know how
      to do that, get somebody to help you. I recommend Bev Clement right here
      at the forum. She really knows her stuff.

      Hope this helps.
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    It is good for a newbie to work as a freelancer, writing some articles in the freelance sites to get some bucks. Then you should buy a domain name and hosting. Install a Wordpress blog, then use Article Marketer to drive traffic. After a month use Payperpost to get more income.
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