This is Steven & Floyd Fault :)

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OK Steven came up with the suggestion, and Floyd confirmed it.

Would you consider this as a service you would use?

Being able to check on another marketer to learn if they were a scammer or not.

If you would use this service how much would you pay for it?

Obviously some scammers you have to work a lot harder to find than other, so time would come into the pricing here.

Let me know what you want and how much you would pay, and we will see what could be done
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    Hi Bev, is this part of risk prevention for a business?

    Sorry if I misinterpreted it, I am see it as preventing future risk for my business.

    It can be some sort of how to protect my business too.

    Thanks in advance. =)
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    haha Officer Clement is on the loose! (or is it lose?)

    it might be a good idea BUT... :p

    where are you going to start searching them?

    there are scammers that are freaking Einsteins!
    how would you make sure they ARE scammers if you don't find Strong proof?

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    there would be many people interested in this but,
    I see many legal problems in this type of venture.
    Who will be the judge,who will say that one person is
    right or wrong.
    You just have one persons word over another.
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      I know your serious about this Bev and your good at sniffing out the sucmbags who try and do scam the Warriors.

      I have no idea what I would pay for the service, sorry I wasn't more help. Be sure and check your liability before you sink a lot of time and effort into it.

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      John, that is a good idea about risk prevention.

      Lou that is the problem, but in the long run it would be finding facts and figures and nothing more.

      Fact there is a long term scammer on the board at the moment. He has been behaving himself and sells here. But, there are a number of us who know who he is just not got enough proof to expose him, so we keep quiet and watch.
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    Sorry - Not interested.

    I'm sure those guys have reasons why they would care about this, but I personally don't really care what other people are doing as it's just a distraction from what I should be doing, and I'd consider it a waste of time.

    I wouldn't do business with anyone that I didn't trust and if for some reason I did, I would be prepared to lose the money I invested.

    I know with the recent 'incident' you highlighted in this forum that you're good at this stuff and have the disposition for it so I'm sure if people care about it, you'd be a good person to go with.

    There are plenty of well-known IMers who I would never do business with, but I wouldn't care to force my opinion of them onto anyone else, so on the same note I would take anyone elses word before making my own judgement of someone - unless a good friend gave me reason to doubt doing business with them.

    So, as for a service, I wouldn't be interested.

    But if you were doing it as a public service I might check up on your assessments just as part of due-diligence if a situation needed it, but that's just because I know I can trust your information more than most.

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    The problem you have with anything like this is people reporting scammers, being scammed on legitament businesses and IMers because they did NOT read the TOS, not understand the no money back guarantee, tried to take advantage of the service and was refused, was rude and tried demanding unreasonable things then when they did not receive their demands was shown the door and then went to a service like this to vent and point to the person or business that they couldn't get over on as a scammer.

    It happens here in the warriors, blake forum, personal blogs all the time. When it is discovered that the complainer has no case and is just whining that they didn't get their way when in fact they should indeed NOT have gotten it. Warriors and Blake Forum remove the posts or edit them with the corrected information. Warriors just deletes.

    Josh mentioned legal issues. A service like this can be argued to be it's sole purpose is to hurt individuals and businesses from making a living by harming their reputations, commit liable and slander against others. AND for those that report businesses the legal issues could very easily follow through to them. What would stop one of these people or businesses that have been targeted in the service from sueing to get the list of members and targeting lawsuits all the way down the chain?

    There was a guy here in the Warriors a few years ago that pulled something like this. He actually did go through and sue people talking about him and he was able to get a list of others that he also had his lawyers attack. That is a REAL world example of legal side of things. Doesn't matter if what was said is true or not, if you purposefully create something that is to name and shame, tarnish and harm someone and put it all out there true or not, legal arguements can be made that the purpose of such a service is to do harm against others.

    I am not a lawyer but I am sure there are legal rulings and laws in effect that will support these type of claims and find those running such a service in violation.

    Also be aware that not everyone is broke. There are people that do have the resources to go after you and even internationally. Again TRUE or NOT claims against others can lead to legal responses and even if you do win the legal costs would eat up quite a bit of your resources.

    There have been things like this proposed before and thsoe that started out with good intentions were twisted and corrupted later down the line. Bias has a lot to do with it and purpose behind it.

    These are other things to consider in something like this. AND what happens when someone that is NOT a scammer gets tagged in such a service? What happens to them? Once their name is outted do you know what kind of damage that would cause?

    Take Rick Butts for example, not too long ago he "OUTED" an apparent spammer on Twitter, or so he thought. Guess what? It was NOT so and evidence as well as internet community flogging took place agaisn't Rick.

    How would your service respond to something like this Bev? What would happen to you and you rep if through all evidence YOU had that someone was a scammer and then to come find out it wasn't true?

    It is just dangerous something like this. I am not saying one way or the other on setting it up or not just that there are things that need to be taken into consideration and figured out how to deal with before going live.

    My 2 Cents.

    - Terry

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